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UTERS Stainless steel oil absorption filter element

UTERS Stainless steel oil absorption filter element

Price : USD50





It has a variety of porosity (28%-50%), pore size (4u-160u) and filtration accuracy (0.2um-100um). The pores are crisscrossed, high temperature resistance, and rapid cold and heat resistance. Corrosion resistance. Suitable for a variety of acid, alkali and other corrosive media. The stainless steel filter element is resistant to general acid, alkali and organic corrosion. It is especially suitable for sulfur-containing gas filtration. High strength and good toughness. Suitable for high pressure environments. Can be welded, Easy to load and unload. Stable hole shape and uniform distribution to ensure stable filtration performance. Good regeneration performance. After repeated cleaning and regeneration, the filtration performance is restored to more than 90%.

Main feature 

1. Good filtration performance, uniform surface filtration performance for 2-200um filtration particle size;

2. Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance; it can be washed repeatedly and has a long service life.

3. The stainless steel filter element has uniform and precise filtration accuracy;

4. The stainless steel filter element has a large flow per unit area;

5. The stainless steel filter element is suitable for low temperature and high temperature environment;

6. It can be used again after cleaning, no need to replace.

  • Product Details
  • Brand : UTERS
  • Place of Origin : 中国
  • FOB Price : USD50
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 10
  • Supply Ability :
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail :

    内塑料袋外纸盒 / 面议 

  • Delivery Detail : Not Given


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