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Vaginal Rejuvenation in Sharjah

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There are only two
things which change your vagina's size: age and birth. For evident reasons, childbirth
and our age cause a decrease in hormone levels, which can result in the decline of
the muscle strength and connective tissue surrounding and thus affecting the vagina’s
tenderness. This loose feeling is enough for some women to wish that they can
return to their younger conditions. And that is where vaginal rejuvenation is
intended to reduce the average vaginal diameter, mainly due to sexual reasons.
Rejuvenation in the vagina is like a facelift.

The two most common
kinds of technologies are utilized by a vaginal probe-CO2 laser, the radiofrequency device, and energy is applied for 5 to 20 minutes. This energy
causes the vaginal tissue microdamage, which tricks the body into itself for
the new cell growth, the formation of collagen and elastin, and angiogenesis on
the site of the injury leads to the thicker tissue that tightens the vagina.
Patients sometimes reported local warming, but anyone who received intense
pulse light therapy [for sunshine, redness, age, or broken blood vessels] has
an idea of how it feels in the vulva and vaginal area.

Dr. Amal AlQedrah
Medical Center Sharjah pledges a whole vaginal rejuvenation experience with the
best results. The vision of Dr. Amal AlQedrah Sharjah is for our pioneering
spirit, scientific developments, forward-thinking leaders, and collaborative
approach to the provision of exceptional patient care in the numerous unique
communities we serve to continue and challenge the convention. Dr. Amal
AlQedrah Medical Center offers the best vaginal rejuvenation in Sharjah
and evaluates the number of treatment sessions required to achieve the goals.
In the days and weeks following, free aftercare is provided, and we continue to
deliver care and support. to produce the only result that matters: radically
better results for our patients, we reimagine what is possible and redefine the
practice of modern medication in Sharjah.
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