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Bisonkit Supplier in UAE: Adex International at the forefront! Bisonkit is the worlds leading contact adhesives making it the preferred choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Known for its superior bonding strength and versatility, Bisonkit adhesive is the prefered solution for a plethora of applications, namely wood working ,leatherwork , automotive repairs and construction projects. Bisonkit is best suited for hot and humid climate of the Middleeast  and is the most used contact adhesive in the region Bisonkit’s unique formula allows for a strong, durable bond, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. Its fast-setting properties and resistance to water and temperature variations make it highly sought after for challenging environments. • Bonds immediately• Super-strong• Suitable for materials under stress• Universal• Liquid• Moisture and frost resistant• Simple to use• Resistant to temperatures between -40°C and +70°CAdex International stands unopposed as the top supplier of Bisonkit adhesive in the UAE. Adex International’s extensive inventory includes various Bisonkit products, tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries. 
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Call/ WhatsApp: +971 55 727 4240 for best terrace roof waterproofing services in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Terrace/ roof waterproofing is very critical area as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains. The terrace surface tends to accumulate rain water, which in due course enters your house. Over the time deterioration of surfaces increases, leading to more damage to the interior.For free estimation plz feel free to contact us. Thanks Anas Technical Services LLCTel: 055-7274240Dubai, United Arab Emirates. hashtag#dubai hashtag#sharjah hashtag#ajman hashtag#uae hashtag#waterproofingRoof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman,Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, Roof waterproofing contractor in dubai, sharjah , ajman, terrace waterproofing in dubai, sharjah, ajman, waterproofing companies in Dubai, sharjah, ajman,
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Supplier : Gas Equipment Company LLC ABU DHABI
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Noids Raw materials 5cl-adb semi-finished product hot sale 5cladb whatsapp +8616632953662

<p><b>Contact Details</b><b></b></p><p>Whatsapp +8616632953662</p><p>Telegram @bestrcs</p><p>Threema...SYNCKX7S</p><p>[email]</p><p></p><p><b>Our </b><b>Service</b><b></b></p><p>- Top Grade quality,Discreet package, Safety shipping.Tracking number Provided.</p><p> </p><p>- Packing is highly discreet sealed, wrapped with aluminum foil, safe and secure</p><p> </p><p>- Pay by Bitcoin .WU.Bank Transfer.BTC,USDT.- Shipping by UPS,USPS,FEDEX,DHLPaket,NLPOST,GDEX,ROYALMAIL,Canada Post etc</p>
Supplier : Lucky Research Chemicals ABU DHABI
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Enhance the durability and performance of your road markings with our premium-grade Silica Sand. Specially designed for the thermoplastic road marking paint industry, our silica sand offers unmatched quality and consistency, ensuring optimal results in every application.Key Features:High Purity: Our silica sand is sourced from the finest deposits and undergoes rigorous purification processes to ensure high purity levels, minimizing impurities and contaminants that can affect the quality of road markings.Uniform Particle Size: Engineered to precise specifications, our silica sand boasts a uniform particle size distribution, resulting in smooth, even road markings that meet industry standards for visibility and durability.Enhanced Adhesion: The unique surface characteristics of our silica sand promote superior adhesion between the thermoplastic paint and the road surface, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-traffic areas.Resistance to Weathering: With excellent resistance to weathering, our silica sand helps maintain the integrity of road markings, minimizing the effects of UV exposure, moisture, and other environmental factors.Versatile Application: Whether used in highway markings, parking lots, or urban streets, our silica sand is versatile and adaptable to various road marking applications, providing consistent results across different surfaces and conditions.Benefits of Using Silica Sand:Improved Durability: Enhance the longevity of road markings, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and touch-ups.Enhanced Visibility: Achieve optimal visibility and safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians with bright, crisp road markings.Cost-Effectiveness: Invest in road marking solutions that offer long-term value and performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.Ease of Application: Our silica sand is easy to handle and apply, making installation efficient and hassle-free for road marking professionals.Applications:Silica Sand is the ideal choice for a wide range of road marking applications, including:Highway and interstate markingsCity streets and urban roadwaysParking lots and recreational areasAirport runways and taxiways
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Recycle Bins

Brooks Recycle Bins are the epitome of excellence in sustainable waste management. Crafted with precision and a commitment to environmental responsibility, our recycle bins are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, institutions, and public spaces in the UAE.Our extensive range of recycling bins combines functionality with aesthetics, providing a seamless solution for the efficient sorting and collection of recyclable materials. From sleek and modern designs to practical and space-saving options, Brooks Recycle Bins offer versatility to suit various environments.Key features of Brooks Recycle Bins include durable construction, user-friendly designs, and clear labeling to encourage proper waste segregation. We understand the importance of making recycling accessible and convenient, and our bins are crafted to facilitate a smooth recycling process for everyone.
Supplier : Brooks AJMAN
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Gypsum Compound

Boral Gypsum Compound 28kg DrmA high quality, ready to use, air-drying jointing compound.Can be applied quickly and easily to fill and finish plasterboard joints.Available in 28kg tubs.
Supplier : Adams Tool House DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is a high-quality mineral filler which is widely used in the plastics industry. It offers a multitude of benefits, including increased performance, improved processing, enhanced sustainability, and improved finish impact robustness of the finished part. Calcium carbonate is a 100% FDA-approved plastics additive, which makes it versatile for use in various applications, including food packaging, food service packaging, and medical packaging markets. Its exceptional grade is ideal for high percentage age filter loading in PVC pipes, and it also increases the gloss of plastics. Specialized grades of Calcium Carbonate are used in the production of rigid and tensile polyvinyl chloride pipes, cables, leather, footwear, flooring, and many other industries. At Bhavya Polyfilms, we import only the highest quality Coated Calcium Carbonate to cater to the unique needs of our customers in the Plastics and Packaging industries.Applications:Paper: filler for opacity, brightness, bulk, and printing propertiesPharmaceutical: antacid, calcium supplementPaint: filler and pigment for durability, gloss, and whitenessPlastics: filler for stiffness, impact resistance, and heat resistancePVC Pipe: filler for strengthCosmetics: mild abrasive and thickening agentRubber: filler to improve strength and stiffnessGlass: raw material to improve strength and durabilityCeramic: raw material to improve strength and durability
Supplier : Miranda Overseas Trading FZCO DUBAI
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Magnesium Oxide boards 6mm 12mm

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Clinell spill wipes

Supplier : Right Face General Trading LLC DUBAI
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Moving Bed Bioreactor Technology

We provide solutions for packaged and modular MBBR systems from 10M3/Day up to 500M3/Day as standard units. Moving Bed Bio Reactor(MBBR) incorporates the advantages of attached film technologies and combine with them the coarse/fine bubble diffused aeration techniques,to get a highly efficient biological treatment unit.With the higher surface area of BIO media, higher organic loading rates are enabled, thus reducing the overall size required of the aeration tank. This leads a considerable reduction in civil & Fabrication costs.The system configuration enables better oxygen transfer efficiency with plug flow conditions. Submerged floating film growth in MBBR reactors sustain good microbial growth even in adverse conditions and also handles shock loads without affecting the process. Sludge production is lower compared to other conventional technologies
Supplier : Hi Star Water Solutions LLC DUBAI
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Desiccant Silica GelColor: OrangeChanges to Dark Green on Moisture AbsorptionBead Size: 2-3mmPackaging: 25Kg Drum
Supplier : Malak Solutions AJMAN
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Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Electric submersible dewatering pumps, also known as submersible drainage pumps or electric submersible pumps (ESPs), are specialized pumps designed to remove water or other fluids from various locations, particularly from areas where water accumulation poses a problem. These pumps are designed to be submerged in the fluid they are pumping out, making them efficient for dewatering applications. 
Supplier : Morgan Atlantic Ae RAS AL KHAIMAH
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NANOTECH WATERPROOFING PRODUCTS FOR SUBSTRATES   Certified, eco‑friendly, breathable, anti‑alkali and chlorine‑resistant, mineral membrane for the flexible waterproofing with high levels of adhesion and durability of substrates before laying with adhesives, ideal for use in Green Building.
Supplier : Cretepro Building Material Trading LLC DUBAI
Posted On :11 months ago

Pharmaceutical Intermediates & RCs in stock

we supply a range of research chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Canabnoids and a handful of other benzos etc 5clEumdm..aand many others chemthugs007 protonmail com
Supplier : Medicure Inc DUBAI
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Chemical Sorbent Socks

Chemical Absorbent Socks / Sausage / Mini BoomsSize: 3″ x 8′ (7.6cm x 244cm)Absorption capacity: 2 US Gallon / 7.56 LitersUsed for all aggressive and non-aggressive spills, leaks & drips on land.Socks are easy to shape and mould.
Supplier : Starlift Trading LLC DUBAI
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high quality of 2201

Other name: 2201Purity: 99.7%transpotation: by air ems, tnt, fedex, dhl, ups
Supplier : typu company ABU DHABI
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Crystals eutylone for sale buy eutylone supplier eutylone Whatsapp +8616727288587

[email]Whatsapp /Telegram ............+8616727288587Wickr Me..............bestrcs We offer high quality stimulants,cannabinoids,benzos,opioids analogues. 1.Discreet package, safety shipping.2.Quality is absolutely guaranteed, the wholesale price is reasonable, a large quantity of favorably3.Accept customizable products. 
Supplier : China RC company ABU DHABI
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MEGUIAR’S GOLD CLASS LEATHER & VINYL CLEANER 473MLFormulated with enough strength to remove stains yet gentle enough for general cleaning on all leather and vinyl surfaces.Safely removes tough surface dirt and grime as well as imbedded oil and water based stains.Creates “”like-new”” clean appearance while revitalizing leather and vinyl surfaces.Ideal for preparing leather before using a leather protectant like Meguiar’s® Gold Class™ Leather Conditioner – G18616.Convenient trigger spray for superior cleaning on leather and vinyl.
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Fungicide Wash

Langlow Abiside Fungicide Wash -1 LEradicates moulds, fungi, algae and prevents further infestation. Suitable for interior and external use on all surfaces. Ideal for general maintenance and prior to applying surface coatings. Powerful, fungicidal wash for the removal of lichens, fungi and algae on all mineral surfaces such as walls, paths, roofs, etc.. Eco friendly and non-toxic, ideal for use in environments exposed to water.
Supplier : Canvas General Trading L.L.C DUBAI
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Valve lubricant

MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound Valve lubricant and sealant
Supplier : Bhatia Brothers DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Butyl Sealant

Supplier : Taj International Profile Fzc SHARJAH
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The Ballistor is used to separate out usable fractions from waste and potential recyclables. By combining ballistic separation with screening, separation is performed in one operation in accordance with the criteria 3/2-dimensional, rolling-cubic-rigid/flat-soft-narrow, or undersized/oversized particles.With a choice of separation into three or four fractions, five sizes and many options, the Ballistor separator can be configured to suit the application.
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Insulation Stripper

RENNSTEIG INSULATION STRIPPER SPCL NO 218Insulation stripper for special applications“• Special hand tool with length stop for high-quality stripping and dismantling of single andmulti-wire cables ranging from 0.03 to 16 mm²• Applicable for a great variety of insulations of differing hardness• No pinching or deforming of cable ends, thanks to a special cutting mode• blades for different wire ranges• Customized blade designs on request• Automatic release after operation ”Authorized distributor of Rennsteig.
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Secondary Spill Containment

Industrial safety refers to the management of all operations and events within an industry in order to protect its employees and assets by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents, and near misses. Industrial safety is overseen by federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
Supplier : SAB Safety Equipment Trading SHARJAH
Posted On :2 years ago

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus FlowerAl-Saqr General Trading imports, exports and supplies premium hibiscus flowers. Known in the Middle East as “karkade”, it adds unmistakable flavor to food, beverages and teas and is tooted for its health benefits. The quality of our hibiscus flowers colorfully blooms with our legacy.
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Liquid Plant Fertilizer

DE Liqui Fert 250ml - Liquid Plant FertilizerPlant food that is specially formulated to be compatible with routine fertilization of a wide variety of Outdoor & Indoor Plants.Enhances the availability of nutrients to root zone.Increases the resistance to diseases and pests.Helps to increase water uptake in dry or saline stresses.Improves the soil quality.It can be applied by drenching or through foliar spray.Growth of the plants will be assisted by the Balanced Nitrogen contents, both.Content with 250ml.
Supplier : Dubai Garden Centre DUBAI
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Gel Memory Foam Pillow 60x40CM - White/Blue

Gel Memory Foam material adapts to your shape to provide pressure relieving comfort and support to your head, neck and shoulders. Relieves shoulder, neck and back discomfort by allowing muscles to relax fully. Designed for sleepers that snore. Maintains shape for long lasting, correct support. Size: 60x40x12CMFilling: 1500g White Memory Foam 100% PolyurethaneCover: Bamboo Double Jacquard Knitting  (40% Bamboo 60% Polyester)Back & Side SleepersDesigned for optimal neck and spine support
Supplier : Digital marketing Agency AJMAN
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HO 0882 (PAINT REMOVAR AND PLANNER)Carbide-tipped planer blade. Thus, also suitable for planing edges of chip trays and joiner plates, Easy blade change using cassette system: no blade setting required; no withdrawal of blade required on tightening the clamping screws; no pressure marks as pressure pads are made of hardened steel, Variably adjustable planer depth and notch depth, Aluminum die cast and milled cut planer base, V-groove in front part of the planer base for easy chamfering, Chip ejection to left and right (convertible), External suction possible: a vacuum cleaner can be connected, Spring-mounted bow on the planer base for stopping the machine without damaging one of the planing blades or the workpiece.
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MEDICAL BIOHAZARD SPILL KIT -Blood , UrineSafe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders.Refill packs can be purchased separately for all biohazard spill kits.Contents : • 1 x vomit / urine spillage pack • 1 x blood spill spillage pack • Illustrated step-by-step instructions • Record card • Hard sided, lightweight bright yellow case • Wall mount
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chemical manufacturers

We are among the leading chemical manufacturersWe provide a diverse range of sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals to our clients. We have been producing high-quality renewable chemicals for various sectors since our company’s inception more than a century ago. Our customer-centric approach, along with our worldwide network, market insight, and history of innovation and technical competence, distinguishes us as the ideal supplier of bio-based chemicals and resources.We assist clients in the paints and coatings industries in addressing the environmental concerns associated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by offering high-quality natural solutions.A wide range of materials that have been approved for use as inert components is available from us, allowing our customers to maximize the potential of their formulations.
Supplier : Special Equipment Supplies LLC ABU DHABI
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Gypsum Board

Made of superior quality gypsum, Gypsum Board is available in variants that ensure excellent resistance against fire and moisture. These features make the Gypsum Board ideal for wet, humid and hot conditions. As Gypsum Board is easy to shape, it is used for interior wall and ceiling purposes in residential and commercial buildings. A wide range of accessories including stud, track, channel, wall angle, furring channel, etc. is also available for partition purposes.Easy to work withLightweightAvailable variantsRegular FR (Fire Retardant) MR (Moisture-Resistant)Available brandsGboard Gypsemna UnicemPartition accessoriesStud  Track  Channel Wall Angle  Furring Channel, etc.SpecificationsThickness: 12.5mm  Standard Size: 1.2m x 2.4m
Supplier : Zoom Building Materials Trading ABU DHABI
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METALFAB has the team and facility to design, manufacture, installing of Reaction furnaces for the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SFU).Reaction furnaces are the heart of the sulfur recovery units. It initiates the recovery of elemental sulfur from the different gaseous hydrogen sulfide and other byproduct gases derived for refining crude oil and other industrial processes. The reaction furnace is an extremely critical equipment in the SFU and must be designed, constructed, installed and maintained at the top-notch level to derive the targeted deliverables. Though the other components of the SFU have vital roles in the efficient operation of the system, the reaction furnace carries the most significant due to having the gist of the operation.We have the team and facility to undertake the works of reaction furnaces and deliver it on time for the projects. Our previous works and challenges in the same line of projects have given us insights into the intricacies and complexities of these kinds of projects and we have grown from learning from our past experiences. Through hard work and perseverance, we have established our existence and excellence in the oil and gas industry. Reaction furnace projects are one of the markers in our journey. We face every challenge as an opportunity to be as one of the feathers in the crown of our achievements.
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Oil and chemical spill kit  in all specifications 
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Sleep in luxe comfort with our irresistible 100% cotton-sateen Talini pillow (50cm x 90cm). Beautifully designed, this pillow promises to bring year-round comfort and style to your bedroom. When choosing pillows, consider that there are three types for your bed: sleeping pillows (for a great night`s sleep), decorative pillows (for helping you sit up in bed), and accent pillows (to show your personality). We recommend using pillow protectors on your sleeping pillows to prolong their life.Product Code: NTX1013
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Get White Gypscor Premium Gypsum Powder, For Plaster, Packaging Size: 20 KG.Gypsum powder is a fine, white or off-white powder that is derived from the mineral gypsum. It is a versatile material with various applications in construction, agriculture, and industrial processes. In construction, gypsum powder is commonly used to make gypsum plaster or drywall, providing a smooth and durable surface for interior walls and ceilings. It is also used in cement and concrete production to improve workability and reduce setting time. In agriculture, gypsum powder is utilized as a soil conditioner to improve soil structure and enhance water penetration, promoting healthy plant growth. Additionally, gypsum powder is used in various industrial processes, such as making molds, casting, and as an additive in certain food and pharmaceutical products. Its non-toxic and fire-resistant properties make gypsum powder a valuable and widely used material in diverse industries.
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A saturated water solution, of about 40% formaldehyde by volume or 37% by mass. Formalin Used as a Biocide & disinfectant and many Industrial applications.
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Leather Cleaner specially formulated to clean and protect the leather and all automotive surfaces safely and efficiently without using water.Test on a small concealed area before using.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Spray liberally on surfaces and wipe off with a clean plush microfiber towel.
Supplier : Fayfa Chemicals DUBAI
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BORAL GYPSUM COMPOUND 28KG DRMA high quality, ready to use, air-drying jointing compound.Can be applied quickly and easily to fill and finish plasterboard joints.Available in 28kg tubs.
Supplier : Fine Tools Trading DUBAI
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Butyl Strip Sealant or Butyl Sealant Tape for metallic roofing and double glazing. It is a high performance butyl tape suitable for use in steel and aluminum roofing systems. It has been carefully formulated to provide a long life, airtight & watertight seal to help buildings comply with buildings regulations. Good Adhesion to metal roofing panels, strong, flexible, and designed specifically to accommodate movement, excellent UV resistance.  Butyl Sealant Tape can be used on external metal sheeting (end & side laps), roof lights, ridge & caves sealing in combination with foam fillers… This is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee for up to 25 years.
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We represent Frechem - PU Chemicals. Our high-quality polyurethanes are applied in situ and directly to the component. The so-called FIPFG-technique (formed-in-place foam gasket) is ideally suited for sealing and bonding industrial components. Frechem finds application in many industries like Bonding and sealing various types of filters, e. g. for industrial air or gas filters, Electrical Industry, Automotive, and Lighting industries.coating pressure sleeves (using rotational casting)backfilling cavities for stabilization or insulation purposescasting electronic components and filtersmanufacturing prototypeselastomer gasketingDoming and for many more purposes.
Supplier : Yes Machinery SHARJAH
Posted On :2 years ago

Injectable Gland Packing

BJSEAL Injectable packing sealant compounds add to the choices for shaft sealing strategies for many industrial applications. When installed properly and maintained correctly this family of products can bring dramatic cost savings. We now offer High-Quality injectable Packing Sealant Compounds in grades to meet most industrial and water treatment facility needs. Our packings is a non-asbestos and universal pump and valve packing which has an unlimited shelf life. It has a malleable (putty-like) consistency and is made from a carefully controlled blend of high-tech synthetic fibers and specially formulated lubricants and greases.BJSEAL Packing runs cooler than braided packing and never needs flush or cooling water. Braided packing is designed to leak and must leak to prevent burn-up. This is messy and expensive.BJSEAL Packing is designed not to leak and in most cases runs virtually leak-free. This kind of product can be injected into the stuffing box using a hand-operated hydraulic injectable packing gun. The product seals equally well in new applications and on worn sleeves or shafts.
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Disinfectant Spray

Cosmo Multi-Surface Effective Disinfectant Spray 750MlCosmo Disinfectant Spray is best for killing germs & viruses. To protect the family from harmful bacteria and illness it's very useful and effective too. Easily sanitizes soft surfaces and prevents mildew.
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Specialty Chemicals & Technologies

Features and Capabilities:⦁ Patented Ultrasonic Technology that works independent of the chemical to be used⦁ Detects and Accurately measures Scale thickness up to microns.⦁ Can differentiate between Biofouling and Scale in the system.⦁ Mimic the Condenser Tubes operation by adjusting the skin Temperature and the water flow (Rynolds number) to predict any potential problems upfront.⦁ Communicate with end user directly emails and visible via internet independently. Best Benefits of using On-guard 3H:⦁ Reduce you water consumption by increasing the COC to the safest highest possible value (educated decision rather than software and predicting)⦁ Reduce chemical consumption by reducing the dosage to the minimum that guarantee the same stable trend of Scale thickness over time.⦁ Reduce cleaning and maintenance cost of chiller tubes as this device helps to predict when the problem starts and Alarms the user in order to take the right decision.
Supplier : CoolTech ABU DHABI
Posted On :2 years ago

Mould Release Agent Liquid

Mould Release Agent Liquid F 1000Weicon develop, produce and distribute an extensive range of stripping tools. This includes cable knives, wire strippers, dismantling and multifunctional tools. Our tools have been developed for accurate, fast and safe stripping of all common cable types. They carry the GS seal of TÜV Nord and were developed under the aspects of work safety. The tools are specifically tailored to the needs of professional users, are found in both, crafts and industrial use, and are also suitable for domestic use.
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Electroplating  works 
Supplier : KHK Scaffolding & Formworks Ltd. LLC. AJMAN
Posted On :2 years ago

UW KINETICS Waterproof Cases

UW KINETICS Waterproof CasesDiving Equipments
Supplier : Arizona Tools Company KOLKATA
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Human growth hormone HGH Jintropin Supply in Stock Wickr:amanda1515

Wickr me:dorischina  Email:[email] Tel/WeChat/WhatsApp:+447719343413   2f-dcks 4f-adbs 5cl-adbas U-48800s 5f-mdmbs-2201 BDO-1,4Butanediols ET-IZOLAMs Eu-tylones   We are the specialized production enterprise integrating scientific research, production, processing and export. Mainly deal in pharmaceutical intermediates, various chemicals raw materials, cosmetics materials and Food Additives.  
Supplier : Aowei Biopharmaceutical Limited AJMAN
Posted On :2 years ago

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB) is a mixture of closely related organic compounds derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine. CAPB is available as a viscous pale yellow solution and it is used as a surfactant in personal care products. The name reflects that the major part of the molecule, the lauric acid group, is derived from coconut oil. Cocamidopropyl betaine to a significant degree has replaced cocamide DEA.
Supplier : Trice Chemicals RAS AL KHAIMAH
Posted On :2 years ago

Down Around 3 Chamber Pillow

The Down Around 3 Chamber PillowThe Luxury Lifestyle Collection represents the absolute finest Down Filled Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows ever produced.Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows are known for being the finest in the world. Therefore the Luxury Lifestyle Collection Duvets and Luxury Lifestyle Pillows represent amongst the finest of the finest – The Best of the Best!The Down Around pillow is a core part of the Luxury Lifestyle collection. The pillow is available in four different support ratings, and is filled with 90% new white Mazurian Farmers Goose Down to the outer chambers and, for support, new White European Goose Feathers (100%) to the inner chamber.An ideal pillow for those who love the luxury of a soft down filling, but require the support of the feather core.The CoverThe cover of the Down Around Pillow is made from 100% Egyptian Long Staple Cotton, with a thread count of 380.The cover is also Medicott treated – a special non-chemical process that prevents dangerous moulds and spores from infiltrating the material – A plus for allergy sufferers.ComfortFirm Support
Supplier : Sleeping Plaza DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Rio Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift With LCD

Rio Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift With LCD (FAL16)
Supplier : Jackys Electronics DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

American Classic Lime Juice Cordial

Lime Cordial enriches our body with Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and other important nutrients which are essential for our overall health and wellness.
Supplier : Golden Grains Foodstuff Trading LLC DUBAI
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Gypsum Boards

Gypsum board is often known as drywall in the construction industry, while some of the other names include - plasterboard and wallboard. As a renowned gypsum board supplier, we offer both standard and high-performance gypsum boards in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. The board consists of a set gypsum surface with a specially designed paper firmly bonded to the core. These can be used without ceilings, partitions and plaster of walls. These boards are used where no plaster is required. As a gypsum boards supplier, we offer glued wallboard, backing board, core board, fire-resistant, water-resistant, and gypsum form board.
Supplier : Dani Trading LLC DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

waterproofing PRODUCTS

A good quality waterproofing solution keeps water leakages away. HENKEL POLYBIT is quite literally a one-stop brand – it specializes in waterproofing, sealants, tiling, structural repair, flooring, and PU foams. The company’s business relationship constitutes of us buying waterproofing products, adhesives, and construction chemicals. In the waterproofing vertical, HENKEL POLYBIT has different types of membranes, protection boards, bituminous coatings, liquid coatings, waterstops, pipe wrapping tapes, and primers.
Posted On :2 years ago

bitumen rubber mastic joint sealant

As a single-component, solvent-based bitumen rubber mastic joint sealant, the Bitumastic is a sealant that forms a tough and flexible seal upon curing. It provides excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, asphalt, and most construction material substrates. In order to make the sealant thixotropic and slump-free when applied on vertical areas, the mastic sealant is modified with non-asbestos fibres.
Supplier : Madar Building Materials DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Water Proof Coating paint

Asmaco Water Proof Coating Wp 900FEATURES :• Single component ready for use (no mixing required).• Excellent elasticity, allows expansion and contraction with the substrate, without cracking or becoming brittle.• Excellent chemical resistance.• High thermal stability which eliminates melting and flowing at high temperature.• Excellent workability.• Excellent adhesion to wide range of construction materials.• Provides a continuous, seamless waterproofing membrane.• Easy to repair.
Supplier : Misar Trading Company LLC DUBAI
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CHAMBER DOWN PILLOW 50X70 CM 010205569We are excited to announce our joint venture with Maya Textile. Maya Textile was founded in 1993 to manufacture bedding products including pillows, quilts, toppers, protectors, accessories and created the first pillow and quilt brands of the Turkish home textile industry. The products developed with intensive R & D studies with its contents for different needs by using filling materials as especially the highest quality Down& Feather which is produced with world standards , Camel Feather, Bamboo, Fiber, Cotton, Microfiber, Bead Fiber, Microgel, Viscoelastic and Latex.We are proud of our leadership in creating success for the sleeping textile sector in Turkey.Maya Textile is the leading brand of many firsts like:The first manufacturer of down & feather pillows and duvets in Turkey.First branded pillow and duvet manufacturer in Turkey.First pillow and duvet store of the retail industry in Turkey.Best known down & feather brand in Turkey.The only member of EDFA (European Down & Feather Association) from Turkey.Unique Turkish Company owning international expertise with down & feather processing.First production facility nationwide holding the status as one of the most advanced facilities in Europe.
Supplier : Ebarza Furniture DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

All Purpose Metal Polish

All Purpose Metal Polish 30grams BS-8551 BossilA metal polish specially formulated to polish, clean, and protect metal surfaces (chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, copper brass, etc.). It has powerful yet gentle abrasive property making it ideal for restoring the shine of heavily weathered and corroded surfaces. It leaves behind an invisible wax coating that is water repellent and protects against fingerprints and further corrosion. It is water dispersible thus allowing easy cleaning and reuse of polishing cloths.
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EVERPURE SCALEKLEEN TO DELIME: 1 KG PACKETS (EV9798-35)Restores equipment to peak operating efficiency by removing scale build-up. Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers. Ideal for deliming steam and ware washing equipment. Great for office coffee system (OCS) applications. Non-toxic, safe to skin and won’t burn clothing. Sewer system disposable; can be poured down the drain. Use with 4JT Flushing/Sanitizing Cartridge.
Supplier : Silver Corner DUBAI
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Disinfectant Cleaner

3M™ Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5H, 5LModel No.:df29e3cacd82Model:Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5H, 5LBrand:3MEPA-registered disinfectant cleaner for use in hospitals. Kills HIV-1, MRSA, VRE, herpes simplex I and II and other pathogens. Rinse-free, pleasant fragrance. High flow for dispensing into buckets. Concentrated, one-step, Hospital Use disinfectant cleaner.
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Universal multi-purpose detergent for the daily cleaning of hard surfaces. Excellent also for scrubbing machine. Green apple scent, allergen-free (Reg. 648/2004), delicate and long-lasting fragrance. Phosphate and nickel-free (less than 0.01 ppm).DILUTION: 1% (100 ml in 10L). The suggested dilution allows to economize and reduces the environmental impact to the minimum. A small amount of product is enough compared to a diluted product.
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BICYCLE CLEANING DETERGENTTo manually clean motorbikes. Gently and effectively removes typical dirt such as brake dust, tyre wear, insects, mud and oil. A dream to use thanks to the sticky gel formula.
Supplier : Karcher Center Dubai DUBAI
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HILTI CF-F 750 FILLING FOAMUniversal filling foam for air-sealing, filling and insulating gaps and cracksFoam yield (up to): 35 lApplication temperature range: 5 - 30 °CProduct class: Standard
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Drinking water treatment suppliers in UAE
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Through the use of a selection of hardware goods, superior personal customer attention, and reasonable prices, Alliance will capitalize on this incredible opportunity. A location has been secured that offers very good foot traffic and easy accessibility. The store will efficiently lay out the store to increase sales and give the customers the utmost in attention. The projected growth rate for Alliance is quite steady.
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Fabric Brightner

With sincerity and hard work of our experts, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain by trading, exporting and supplying an exclusive range of Fabric Brightener.Uses:Commonly used to retain the brightness of clothes.Features :Safe packagingAccurate compositionLong shelf life
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HPMC - Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in UAE

GMCELL 600 is HPMC powder used for wide range of use. Its Quality standards and consistency allows to formulate highlytechnical products with much ease.
Supplier : Gulf Minerals & Chemical Industries DUBAI
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Alpha Gypsum / Bentonite / Industrial Salt

Attn: Purchasing Manager / Project Manager   Greetings from Signature Design Arena!!!   We are a General Trading & Logistics Service Provider based in Sharjah, U.A.E dealing with Alpha Gypsum, Beta Gypsum, Bentonite, Industrial Salt, Lime Stone, Iron Ore, Bauxite.    Please feel to contact us for any further information. Waiting for your valuable order.   Thanks & Regards, ­­­­ Signature Design Arena LLC Sharjah Media City Free Zone Sharjah, U.A.E Mob: +971 568775005 Email : [email]            [email]
Supplier : Signature Design Arena LLC SHARJAH
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Sodium Alginate Powder

Sodium Alginate is the sodium salt form of alginic acid and gum mainly extracted from the cell walls of brown algae, with chelating activity. Suitable for pharmaceuticals industry, food industry, impressions, cosmetics etc.
Supplier : Marine Hydrocolloids Kochi
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Yuoto Luscious - Banana Ice 3000

Yuoto Luscious' Banana Ice 3000 is a sweet, creamy banana with a cold, frosty taste of mint!Yuoto Luscious is composed of high-quality metal materials and is both lightweight and portable as well as long-lasting. It includes a built-in 1350mAh battery that, despite its small size, may be thrown away once it has been used. Every disposable is built with master craft perfection and includes a huge e-juice capacity and high-quality salt nicotine coupled with delightful tastes. The pods have an 8ml capacity, which is plenty for daily use.
Supplier : Vape Monkey UAE DUBAI
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Inhibitor And Sealants

BURNDY®, located in Manchester, NH providesreliable connection systems and solutions to thet e l e communi c a tions , da t a , indus tri a l andinstrumentation and energy industries. Exceptionalcustomer service, the industry's highest qualityproducts, and continuous innovation are the things thatBURNDY® prides itself on providing. We have a widerange of tolling for all your connector needs and anelectrical connector to meet every one of your powerneeds. Connectors are available for splicing, tapping,terminating, for conducting or grounding with systemdesigned tools for application by hydraulic, mechanicalor powder actuation.
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Gypsum Powder

Fine Gypsum Powder for use of Ceramic and marble floor Covering.
Supplier : Gulf Gypsum Industries Co LLC DUBAI
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Gypsum plaster

Sadaf Gypsum is  supplier of gypsum powder, white cement and hydrated lime 
Supplier : Sadaf gypsum SHARJAH
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Hydrogen Peroxide

We introduced ourselves as M/S UNIPHOS INTERNATIONAL LTD (formerly known as Uniphos Agro Industries Ltd.), Mumbai, India, are a group company of M/s UPL LIMITED [] which is one of the third largest manufacturers of Agro Chemicals in the world with a group turnover of about $ 6.5 billion. UPL has offices in 18 countries in the world.We are attaching herewith our Company profile and product list. If you have a requirement for any chemicals then please do let us know.   Thanking and assuring you of our best services at all times. Hoping to hear from you soon.Thanks & regards,BHUSHAN  JOGAL (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER)UNIPHOS INTERNATIONAL  LIMITED(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)Readymoney Terrace, 167 Dr. A. B. Road,Worli, Mumbai - 400018, IndiaTEL: + 91-22-6123 3500; Fax :91-22-24938826 India Mobile : + 91- 98703 43304Singapore Mobile: +65 8375 1467web:      Email : [email]Skype : upl.bhushan.jogal     MSN : bhushan.jogalOUR CIN NO : U 24219 GJ 1992 PLC 027317
Supplier : Uniphos International Ltd MUMBAI
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What is Barite? Barite is a mineral composed of barium sulfate (BaSO4). It receives its name from the Greek word "barys" which means "heavy." This name is in response to barite's high specific gravity of 4.5, which is exceptional for a nonmetallic mineral. The high specific gravity of barite makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial, medical, and manufacturing uses. Barite also serves as the principal ore of barium. Uses of Barite Most barite produced is used as a weighting agent in drilling muds. This is what 99% of the barite consumed in the United States is used for. These high-density muds are pumped down the drill stem, exit through the cutting bit and return to the surface between the drill stem and the wall of the well. This flow of fluid does two things: 1) it cools the drill bit; and, 2) the high-density barite mud suspends the rock cuttings produced by the drill and carries them up to the surface. Barite is also used as a pigment in paints and as a weighted filler for paper, cloth and rubber. The paper used to make some playing cards has barite packed between the paper fibers. This gives the paper a very high density that allows the cards to be "dealt" easily to players around a card table. Barite is used as a weighting filler in rubber to make "anti-sail" mudflaps for trucks. Barite is the primary ore of barium, which is used to make a wide variety of barium compounds. Some of these are used for x-ray shielding. Barite has the ability to block x-ray and gamma-ray emissions. Barite is used to make high-density concrete to block x-ray emissions in hospitals, power plants, and laboratories. Barite compounds are also used in diagnostic medical tests. If a patient drinks a small cup of liquid that contains a barium powder in a milkshake consistency, the liquid will coat the patient's esophagus. An x-ray of the throat taken immediately after the "barium swallow" will image the soft tissue of the esophagus (which is usually transparent to x-rays) because the barium is opaque to x-rays and blocks their passage. A "barium enema" can be used in a similar way to image the shape of the colon. Barytes or barite is a colorless or white mineral; often tinged with yellow, red, brown, and sometimes blue. The crystalline system is rhombic. Barytes is found sometimes as transparent crystals, but generally it is opaque. Barite increases the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud allowing it to compensate for high-pressure zones experienced during drilling. The softness of the mineral also prevents it from damaging drilling tools during drilling and enables it to serve as a lubricant.
Supplier : Goods Exim International AL AIN
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Sealant General Purpose

DOLPHIN 600HP General Purpose is a ready to use, single-component low modulus and neutral cure alkoxy silicone sealant. It is highly flexible with Joint movement capability 50% and good adhesion with a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces.
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Process Plant Design & Engineering. Process trouble shoo􀀚ng and solu􀀚ons. Feasibility studies and project reports. Design & Engineering packages for IndustrialInstrumenta􀀚on & Electricals. Moderniza􀀚on & Troubleshoo􀀚ng for Exis􀀚ngplants. Consultancy for all types of process plants. Commissioning packages for Process Plants.
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best waxing salon in dubai

We reveal the best places for waxing in Dubai. The promising new treatments offered by these leading salons offer better results and less pain.
Supplier : Royal Shahnaz DUBAI
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Plastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltr

HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning productsPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrHDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.
Supplier : SB Group FZE LLC DUBAI
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One Pack Flakes

We offer our clients a wide range of One Pack Flakes are the combination of individual lead singles stabilizers, lubricants (internal/External) and other additives so as to give balanced type of one package system optimum in stability action and their rheological effectiveness.
Supplier : Sri Krishna Polyflex HYDERABAD
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Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopPolyvinyl chloride watertight membrane is a roofing material, which is made of top quality. Depending upon the application area you will find unreinforced and reinforced membranes. Reinforced waterproof membrane has a base in the form of glass fiber or polyester mesh and it is used for watertight of roofs. Reinforced membranes have increased durability. Unreinforced membranes are more flexible, have high tear resistance plus are used for watertight of underground structures, pools, tunnels. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top Manufacturers of Polyvinyl chloride membranes offer diverse length and width of the material. The width of the material varies from 3 mtr to 50 mrt The rolls may be between 60 plus 60 mtr  in length. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopThe thickness of the Polyvinyl chloride membrane is 1.2 mm. Such diversity in the choice of Polyvinyl chloride membranes enables laying the roofing of almost any complexity with a minimum of labour costs and seams. Specifications of Polyvinyl chloride membrane - Polyvinyl chloride membrane is used mainly for waterproof of buildings and roofs. As this substance is very simple to install, strong enough, has long service life, Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top  all this places the Polyvinyl chloride mechanism into a high degree comparing to bituminous roofing materials, particularly considering that such substances need constant maintenance and repair. Due to its construction, the Polyvinyl chloride membrane is very strong and concurrently flexible material that's resistant to precipitation, ultra violet radiation, able to withstand heavy aluminium and surface loads. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopAmong Polyvinyl chloride watertight membrane's qualities its vapor should be emphasized. As a result of this attribute humidity can be let by the substance out. Therefore the building insulation doesn't become wet and doesn't condense moisture. In addition. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top if some portions of the membrane are damaged, own vapor permeability will also contribute to the removal of humidity from the building. Thanks to the additional usable area on such roofs it's possible to organize a place for recreation and entertainment, they're covered with a carpet of vegetation. Here the membrane covering of the roofing is simply irreplaceable. Polyvinyl chloride waterproof membrane can serve for almost half a century without losing its credibility and positive characteristics. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopManufacturers offer a wide range of coloring for application of Polyvinyl chloride membranes on flat roofs of new buildings. Experts specify that the Polyvinyl chloride membrane doesn't require additional maintenance during operation. Installation technology of Polyvinyl chloride waterproof - After preparation of the foundation this sheet of drainage geo textiles is laid. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top Then the roofing can be further insulated with foam polystyrene or basalt wool. Then you may start this installation of this membrane coating. For waterproof of structures with Polyvinyl chloride membrane special hot air welding machine plus construction dryers are used. Welding can be carried out by hot air using automatic equipment that optimize the temperature, speed and pressing force.Basement Waterproofing ContractorsCustomers might take steps to make sure they find the ideal contractor for their job. A roof, cellar or unprotected foundation can cost several thousand dollars worth of injury and significantly decrease a home's value. Finding out exactly what repairs you want and after that can save you tons of money. Finding a waterproof contractor to suit your needs is very important. You inspect and need to clean the gutters for damage or any leakage. You should scrutinize your drain slope, water should be discharged away from the home for at least 48. Standing water near the home may cause foundation damage. Basement Waterproofing ContractorsYou should inspect drainpipes for any leakage. In case you've any leaky or busted pipes, you need to call a specialist plumber instantly. It is possible to test your cellar walls by infiltration by simply taking a 12 piece of aluminum foil and attaching it into the damp wall. If there is water on the outside the foil, the condensation of it, water on the inside indicates seepage. A lot of people find the best way to find a watertight contractor to be word-of mouth. Family and friends are frequently wonderful resources of locating contractors and may give you first hand accounts of their experience. Basement Waterproofing ContractorsIt's also advisable to consult the AL MUZALAAT BUILDING MAINTENANCE LLC. In addition into asking friends and family to get referrals. Professional waterproof contractors are frequently members of this organization. The AL MUZALAAT BUILDING MAINTENANCE LLC  is a customer gives a wealth of information and based organization. It's never a bad idea to interview and compare several waterproof contractors before making a decision. Ask for references so you might see what past clients have thought about their specific service. In addition, you should compare warranties from all the builders interviewed, read the fine print and ensure your bases are covered. Once you've decided on a contractor that meets your home's needs in addition to your financial needs, you can negotiate a written contract. Basement Waterproofing ContractorsA written contract is absolutely necessary as it summarizes what services of the contractor will provide, expected costs and expected completion time. Waterproofing Info provides detailed info on waterproof systems, including injection waterproof, foundation waterproof, concrete waterproof, deck waterproof, basement waterproof, and waterproof basement walls, as well as waterproof contractors and consultants. Waterproofing Info is affiliated with Business Plans.
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Rubber flooring and Jogging Tracks

ALL types of rubber flooring, waterproofing membrane, EPDM, vynile flooring, race track
Supplier : Tri Colors General Trading LLC DUBAI
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Industrial Chemicals

Supplier : Techno King Trading Co LLC DUBAI
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Best Manufacturing Organization in the region meeting Global Standards in the fields of PERSONAL CARE, HOME CARE AND FABRIC CARE
Supplier : Gulf Center Cosmetics Manufacturing LLC ( GCCM ) DUBAI
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99-5001 - Standard Loft Maintenance Roll  •Cellulose pulp sourced from sustainable managed forests •Perforated to meet requirement variations •High wicking speeds. •Environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced absorbent pad •Green credidentials further boost performance due to technology applied •Super fast absorbing, •Will absorb and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water based spills •Very impressive absorption rate •Ultimate fluid retention, due to coverstock on both sides of the roll •Maximum capacity due to high loft construction •Perforated for economy of use •Ideal for maintenance application  Pack Quantity : 1 Pack Weight : 4.000 Unit Size 505 x 403 x 576mm Use to Absorb 62 litres per roll
Supplier : Magus International SHARJAH
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Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Powder

We bring to you a variety of iron powders. Exacting quality control, large uniform batches, high purity, and particle size uniformity enhance its desirability by manufacturers.On demand, we also provide Specification Certificate or Certificate of Analysis (COA).PURITY : 95 % TO 99.9% (AS PER CUSTOMERS DEMAND) MESH SIZE: 20 to 325 meshTYPICAL APPLICATION : Friction, diamond tools, resin filling, pigments, chemical, jewellery, brazing carbon brushes, Bearings and filter parts, Machine parts, Friction parts (mainly automobile parts).MAIN CHARACHTERISTICS OF PRODUCT: high purity, possibility of low sizes gradesPARTICLE SHAPE: irregular to sphericalRANGE AVAILABLE: Magnesium (metal) powder , Magnesium (metal) ribbon, Magnesium oxide,  Magnesium (metal) turnings, Magnesium acetate tetrahydrate, Magnesium bromide hexahydrate, Magnesium carbonate basic light, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Magnesium citrate hydrate, tri-Magnesium dicitrate hydrate, Magnesium fluoride, Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Magnesium phosphate dibasic trihydrate, Magnesium stearate precipitated, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Magnesium sulphate dried, Magnesium trisilicate hydrate powder .PLEASE NOTE: Here only shows our regular products, feel free to contact us for more product information.
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SterilOx is an electrochemically activated aqueous solution, it is a result of correlation of electrical voltages, chemical reactions and mutual conversion of chemical and electrical energy, based on technology first invented in Russia.
Supplier : Aromaest ABU DHABI
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Water Softener System in Dubai UAE

Get rid of the deposits on your tubes, showers, sinks, and imperfections on your clothing and increase the maintenance life of electrical appliances with fully automatic whole house water softener. Buy Whole house water softener system from Aqua Care RO system to enhance the quality of water that you receive. The water softener comes with an efficient ion exchange process. The process reduces hardness in water by exchanging magnesium and calcium in water with sodium and potassium.Aqua Care provide best offers of water filter dubai, water purifier dubai and also shower filter.
Supplier : Aqua Care Trading LLC Dubai DUBAI
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Anaerobic Adhesives & SealantsCyanoacrylate AdhesivesTwo-Part Epoxy AdhesiveEpoxies – Single PartModified Epoxy and MS Polymer AdhesivesPolyurethane AdhesivesStructural AcrylicUV Light Adhesives
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Best Whey Protein powder in Dubai

Whether you a fitness freak or have an active lifestyle, your protein intake can help keep your muscles healthy and increase muscle mass. But how do you select the best protein? We can select on the basis of taste, digestion-friendly, fat content, etc. Find out a wide range of collections of whey protein from Albeed in Dubai.  From Labrada to Elite Labs, find the best prices on fitness supplements in Dubai
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Oil Spill Kits

Oil Spill Kits. We have built our strong reputation over the years by introducing quality products. To meet the need of the Industry we established a manufacturing unit for industrial and corporate clothing with computer embroidery and screen printing facilities. We continue to offer a comprehensive selection of more than 2000 selected products. One-stop shopping for all your safety requirements.
Supplier : Uruguay Group of Companies ABU DHABI
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Oil Absorbent Pads dubai

Oil Absorbent Pads for Oil spillageFor enquiries pls contact [email] or 058-5191976
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Quick action couplings

Quick action couplings (Millar, Bauer, Parrot, Camlock)
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Conn: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 2” up to 8”Configuration: Std suitable for Multi cartridges 2.5” x 10, 20”, 30” and 40” and Jumbo suitable Multi cartridge of 4.5” x 10” & 20” cartridges. Strainers from 1.5” to 8” for flow ranging from 5m³/hr to 500m³/hr.Flow per 10”: SS 304, SS 316 and SS 316L
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X150-PLUS Pure Epoxy

Extreme pure epoxy resin anchor X150-PLUSETA Option 1 approval for use of threaded rod and rebar in cracked and uncracked concrete ETA Seismic application category C1 ETA Aapproval for post installed rebar ETA Option 7 approved for diamond drilled holes Approved for use with standard commercial threaded rod diameter 8 - 30 and rebar diameter 8 - 32 Approved for overhead useBENEFITS Extreme performance pure epoxy chemical anchor Designed for  extreme applications, like rebar or threaded rods in waterfilled diamond drilled holes Water filled holes and diamond drilled holes approved Shrink free
Supplier : Nasir Hussain Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
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Brasso Metal Polish 200ml

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Bituminous Membrane, Ultra High performance Roofing and Water Proofing Membrane, Foaming Agent, Elastic Liquid Water Proofing Styrene acrylic Emulsion

Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane, Ultra High performance Roofing and Water Proofing Membrane, Foaming Agent, Elastic Liquid Water Proofing Styrene acrylic EmulsionSBS Bitumen Coat Premould Bitumen BoardBitumen EmulsionFabric
Supplier : HMI Building Material Trading DUBAI
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Surface Treatment Chemicals

We, at Krystal Surface Solution, manufacture wide range of surface treatment chemicals for different applications suiting various industries and application areas including welding and fabrication industries. We provide complete cleaning solution for Stainless Steel related products and equipments for safe in-house Pickling and Passivation, Pickling Gel, Pickling Paste, Stainless Steel Weld Cleaner, Stainless Steel Pickling Gel, and Stainless Steel Pickling Paste for various kinds of job capacities. We also have the professional, sophisticated and fully integrated technically upgraded lab with latest lab equipments.
Supplier : Krystal Surface Solution THANE
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Geco - Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate

GIPL supplies Refrigerant gases of varied specifications and is applicable in diverse industries, ranging from, Automotive: Vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. Food and Beverage Industry: Frozen food, soft drink and juice manufacturers and dairy products. Cold stores: for preservation offresh and frozen fruits, vegetables and meat products. Refrigeration and air- conditioning manufacturers – Chillers, split units and window A/C air handling units. District Cooling Air-conditioning for high-rise buildings and residential complexes via distribution of chilled water. Original Equipment Manufacture’s: Refrigerators, chest freezer, water cooler, dispenser and chilledshelving.All European refillable cylinders are manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities to meet AHRI, DOT, TC, and European requirements. All refillable refrigerant cylinders exceed industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.We provide high quality non-refillable, refillable, recovery, and high pressure cylinders the industry has trusted for more than 28 years
Supplier : Geco Industrial Packing SHARJAH
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