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Frequency Meters

With high immunity to 3rd harmonics, DEIF’s frequency meters are suitable for all applications. The moving coil meters feature integrated electronics that convert frequency into analogue readings with accurate and linear readouts.
Supplier : KDU DUBAI
Posted On :7 days ago

Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone

Sony's wireless noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones offer immersive sound with active noise cancellation. Enjoy wireless freedom, long battery life, and comfortable design for on-the-go use. Perfect for music, calls, and blocking out distractions.
Supplier : Morgan Ingland FZ LLC RAS AL KHAIMAH
Posted On :3 weeks ago

Asus Rog Strix R7 RTX 3060 Gaming Desktop

The ASUS ROG Strix R7 RTX 3060 gaming desktop delivers powerful performance for immersive gaming experiences. Featuring an AMD Ryzen processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics, it offers high-quality visuals and smooth gameplay in a stylish design.
Supplier : Morgan Atlantic Ae RAS AL KHAIMAH
Posted On :3 weeks ago

Evaporative Air Cooler Supplier In UAE

Discover the ultimate cooling solutions at Adams Tool House, your trusted Evaporative Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. Beat the heat efficiently with our high-quality coolers designed to keep your space comfortable and refreshed. Visit us today and experience the difference. Our reasonable pricing makes modern evaporative air coolers affordable to a wide range of consumers.Cooling Mechanism: Evaporative air coolers operate by utilizing the principle of water evaporation. Heated air is passed through water-soaked pads, prompting the water to evaporate and consequently reducing the surrounding temperature. The cooled air is then distributed throughout the area.Cooling Capacity: The effectiveness of an evaporative air cooler is quantified in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per second (L/s), representing the volume of air it can efficiently cool within a given time period.Pad Composition: The material used for the cooling pads plays a pivotal role in the performance of the evaporative cooler. Typically constructed from cellulose or other highly absorbent materials, the quality of the pad directly influences cooling efficiency and durability.Fan Variation: Evaporative coolers are outfitted with either centrifugal or axial fans, each impacting airflow patterns and operational efficiency differently. Centrifugal fans, favored for their ability to generate higher air pressure, are often chosen for ducted systems.Water Dispersal System: Effective water distribution across the cooling pads ensures uniform wetting. Some models employ innovative water distribution methods, such as pump-driven cascading water or gravity-based systems, to enhance overall performance.Water Reservoir Capacity: The size of the water tank determines how long the cooler can operate before requiring a refill. Larger tanks are better suited for prolonged operation in areas with limited access to water sources.Variable Speed Settings: Variable speed control enables users to tailor the fan speed to their specific cooling needs, enhancing energy efficiency and operational flexibility.Water Level Monitoring: A water level indicator allows users to keep track of the remaining water in the tank, ensuring timely refills and uninterrupted cooling.Humidity Regulation: Evaporative coolers not only cool the air but also add moisture to it. Certain models offer humidity control features to maintain indoor humidity levels at optimal levels.Build Quality: The casing and components of evaporative coolers are often crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant materials such as ABS plastic or galvanized steel, ensuring longevity and resilience against varying climatic conditions.User Interface: Control panels typically feature intuitive interfaces for adjusting settings, monitoring water levels, and activating additional functions.Remote Access and Smart Capabilities: Advanced models may incorporate remote control options or smart features for convenient operation, allowing users to manage the cooler from a distance or via mobile applications.Energy Consumption: Evaporative coolers are renowned for their energy efficiency. Power consumption, measured in watts, provides insights into the operational cost of the unit.These technical specifications collectively define the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of evaporative air coolers, rendering them versatile and effective solutions for cooling diverse environments.
Supplier : Adams Tool House DUBAI
Posted On :3 weeks ago

SPJ AC 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner, 18,000 BTU, Cooling Pump, Enhanced Safety, ECO-FRIENDLY REFRIGERANT RA10A, Low Noise Design, Best for Home & Office

Experience powerful and efficient cooling with our 1.5 Ton AC, boasting a capacity of 18000 BTU. Ideal for medium to large spaces, it ensures a comfortable environment in any weather.- The AC features a sleek white design and compact dimensions of 109.6×39×29.5 / 89×38.5×62.8, making it a stylish and unobtrusive addition to any room.- Despite its powerful performance, the unit is lightweight with a net weight of 50 kg and gross weight of 58 kg, facilitating easy installation and mobility.- Our AC uses an eco-friendly refrigerant R410A and features a 100% copper coil. These elements not only enhance the unit's cooling efficiency but also contribute to its durability and long-lasting performance.- The on/off timer allows for convenient scheduling of cooling cycles. You can set your AC to turn on or off at specific times, ensuring a comfortable temperature when you need it most.- The AC is designed for easy installation. This feature, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it a hassle-free addition to your home or office.- Enhanced safety features are incorporated into the design of our AC. These features provide peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy a cool and comfortable environment without worries.
Supplier : SPJ Electronics DUBAI
Posted On :3 months ago


Introducing the GIFFEX Emergency Push Button, a crucial safety component designed to provide quick and reliable emergency shutdowns in industrial and commercial settings. Crafted with precision and durability, our push button features a highly visible design and a robust construction, ensuring easy identification and activation during critical situations. With its quick-response mechanism, it enables immediate shutdown of machinery, equipment, or processes, helping to prevent accidents and minimize risks to personnel and property. Whether you\'re in manufacturing, construction, or any other high-risk environment, trust in the GIFFEX Emergency Push Button to enhance safety and peace of mind.
Supplier : Gas Equipment Company LLC ABU DHABI
Posted On :3 months ago

Air Handling Unit

The air handling unit (AHU) is the heart of central air conditioning. It collects outside air and room air, removes dust and other particles from the collected air, adjusts the temperature and humidity and then supplies comfortable and refreshing air-conditioned air into the rooms through ducts.An air handling unit, or AHU, is HVAC equipment designed to regulate and circulate air throughout a space. Air handlers typically connect to a ductwork ventilation system. This system distributes conditioned air throughout a building and returns it back to the unit
Supplier : Global Power and Water Trading FZCO DUBAI
Posted On :6 months ago


AFFORDABLE 1D/2D SCANNER: An affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn’t compromise performance or features for price. Capture barcodes from mobile devices, 1D and 2D Paper barcodes on items for sale, coupons, loyalty cards and more.
Posted On :6 months ago

cold room construction insulated panels

PUF panels or PU (Polyurethane) sandwich panels are widely used panels. These Sandwich Panels have longer life, rigid and sturdy with higher mechanical strengths. Regular B-3 PU type sandwich panels are offered. both Hi Rib panels which are for roofing and Low/Micro Rib panels for walls/Ceiling) Pre-Painted/Coated Galvanized Steel, Aluzinc facing (Skin) on both sides. These panels are for easy quicker installation as roof and side Cladding. The panels are ideal for construction of a variety of Buildings. ALSO used for cold rooms and cleanrooms construction, also for Prefabricated buildings and shelters. PU and PIR ( Poly Isocyanurate) panels are widely used for Cold room construction, Pack houses etc. These panels are offered in both Tongue and Groove and CAM LOCK options.
Supplier : Embuild Materials LLC. DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago


Variable Frequency Drive of all major brandslike Danfoss, Siemens, Yaskawa, Omron, Abb, Nidec, Allen Bradley etc
Supplier : Epoch International LLC DUBAI
Posted On :8 months ago


ELECTROMECHANICAL VOLTAGE AND FREQUENCY CONVERTER FOR ELECTRIC VIBRATORSElectromechanical Voltage and Frequency Converter, designed to provide seamless power compatibility for electric vibrators. This compact and efficient device allows you to adapt voltage and frequency inputs to match the specific requirements of your electric vibrators, ensuring optimal performance and extended lifespan. 
Supplier : Sparkline Enterprises ABU DHABI
Posted On :9 months ago

Calculators Scientific

Scientific Calculators
Supplier : Right Face General Trading LLC DUBAI
Posted On :9 months ago

Electrical Instrumentation Equipments

Experience cutting-edge electrical instrumentation equipment designed to deliver precision and control in a wide range of industrial processes. Our comprehensive range includes advanced devices such as sensors, transmitters, controllers, and analyzers, meticulously crafted to monitor, measure, and manage critical parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, level, and more. These instruments ensure real-time data collection, accurate analysis, and seamless integration with automation systems, enabling enhanced operational efficiency and safety. From manufacturing to energy sectors, our electrical instrumentation solutions provide the tools you need to achieve accurate measurements, maintain process stability, and optimize performance, ensuring smooth operations and informed decision-making.
Supplier : Green bridge engineering ABU DHABI
Posted On :11 months ago

HC screw type industrial chiller

it distinguishes between air-cooled and water-cooled, with a cooling capacity from 82,300 ~ 365,840kcal /hr.It can be widely used in industries with particularly large cooling capacity.The machine adopts international advanced semi-hermetic screw compressors, integrated motor compressors, no concerns about shaft seal leakage, and has the characteristics of safety, reliability, and economy.
Posted On :11 months ago

Bimetallic Washer

We Kemlite Piping Solution would like to introduce our self as Exotic solution Exporter & Supplier  .We deal in Materials applied in Oil & Gas Sector, Chemical Industry, Pharma Industry, Paper Pulp industry, Fertilizer Industry, Food Processing Companies & Engineering Works & Fabricators. We believe in quality products which satisfy customer demands and fulfill their targets with a smooth business module. we are the one to be the submodule department to prove it done. By our following products and material we deal in. Products:Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Valves, Forge Fittings, Butt-Weld Fittings, Instrumentation, Socket-Weld Fittings, Tube/ Ferrule Fittings, Pressure Gauge , Temperature gauge , Solenoid Valves , Valves ,  Round Bars, Coils, plates, Strips, sheets, Nut, Bolts, Wire , Conduit Pipe , Interlock Flexible Pipe , Fire Fitting Equipments etcMaterial: Inconel 600 , Inconel 625 , Incoloy 800 , Incoloy 825 , Inconel 718 , Hastelloy C276 , Hastelloy C270 , Hastelloy C22 , Duplex 32205 , Super Duplex 31803 , Cupro Nickel 9010 , Cupro Nickel 7030 , Stainless Steel 304 / 304l / 304h / 316 / 316l / 316h / 317 / 317l / 310/ 303 / 321 / 347 Etc , Brass , Copper , Bimetal , Nitronic 50 , Nitronic 60, Titanium Gr 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 , Tantalum , Monel 400 , Monel 500 We will be looking forward to business... kindly contact us from below details for any requirements.Encl. our supplied material as per your requirements.Mail us on [email]Visit us on
Supplier : Kemlite Piping Solution MUMBAI
Posted On :12 months ago

Creative Air Conditioning Maintenance Works

Best solution for all kind of Air Conditioners at low cost 055-5269352 / 050-5737068 AJMAN SHARJAH DUBAI UMM AL QUWAIN Call / WhatsApp Split AC – Central Duct AC – A/C – Split Air Conditioner – Duct Type Air Conditioner – Package Unit AC – Fan Coil Unit FCU – Ceiling Cassette AC – Chiller AC – Standing AC – Portable AC – Air Handling Unit AHU – Commercial AC – Residential AC – HVAC – Industrial AC – Repair Service Maintenance Installation Cleaning and Fixing of AC 055-5269352 AC Repair in AjmanAC Fixing in AjmanAC Installation in AjmanAC Maintenance in AjmanAC Servicing in AjmanAC Fitting in AjmanAC Repairing in AjmanAC Service in AjmanAC Cleaning in AjmanSplit AC Repairing in AjmanSplit AC Installation in AjmanSplit AC Fixing in AjmanSplit AC Maintenance in AjmanSplit AC Gas filing in AjmanSplit AC Washing in AjmanSplit AC Service in AjmanSplit AC Cleaning in AjmanHandyman Service in AjmanAC Duct Cleaning in AjmanDuct Clean in AjmanDuct Cleaning in AjmanAC Duct Cleaning in AjmanCheap Duct Cleaning in AjmanCentral AC Fixing in AjmanCentral AC Installation in AjmanCentral AC Cleaning in AjmanCentral AC Repairing in AjmanCentral AC Maintenance in AjmanCentral AC Gas Filing in AjmanCentral AC Service in AjmanChiller AC Maintenance in AjmanAir Condition Repair in AjmanAir Condition Fixing in AjmanAir Condition Installation in AjmanAir Condition Maintenance in AjmanAir Condition Unit Fixing in AjmanAir Condition Service in AjmanAir Condition Cleaning in AjmanAir Condition Installation in AjmanCentral AC Duct in AjmanCentral AC Duct Installation in AjmanHeating Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) System in AjmanBuilding Central AC Thermostat Repair and Replacement in AjmanSplit Air Conditioner Service in AjmanSplit Air Conditioner Maintenance in AjmanSplit Air Conditioner Repair in AjmanSplit Air Conditioner Installation in AjmanSplit Air Conditioner Cleaning in AjmanSplit Air Condition Service in AjmanSplit Air Condition Repair in AjmanSplit Air Condition Maintenance in AjmanSplit Air Condition Cleaning in AjmanSplit Air Condition Installation in AjmanSplit Air Conditioning Service in AjmanSplit Air Conditioning Repair in AjmanSplit Air Conditioning Maintenance in AjmanSplit Air Conditioning Cleaning in AjmanAir Conditioner Service in AjmanAir Conditioner Maintenance in AjmanAir Conditioner Repair in AjmanAir Conditioner Installation in AjmanAir Conditioner Cleaning in AjmanAir Conditioning Service in AjmanAir Conditioning Repair in AjmanAir Conditioning Installation in AjmanAir Conditioning Maintenance in AjmanAir Conditioning Cleaning in AjmanAC Service Repair Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanAir Condition Repair Service in AjmanAir Conditioner Repair Maintenance in AjmanAir Conditioner Repairing Work shop in AjmanHandyman in AjmanHoneywell Thermostat in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Cleaning in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Maintenance in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Repair in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Repairing in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Service in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Service Repair Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanCentral Type Building AC Service Repair Cleaning in AjmanAC Technician in AjmanAC Technician Near Me in AjmanGas Leakage Fixing in AjmanAC Pipe Insulation in AjmanAir Condition Cooling System Fixing in AjmanSplit AC Compressor Change in AjmanChiller AC Compressor Change in AjmanCentral AC Compressor Change in AjmanAir Conditioning Removing and Relocating in AjmanDucted Type Air Conditioner Service in AjmanFan Coil Unit (FCU) Service Repair Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanAC Repair Service Company in AjmanMaintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanWater Chiller Pipe Insulation in AjmanWater Leakage Dripping in AjmanWater Chiller Pipe Insulation Work in AjmanAir Conditioning Contracting Company in AjmanDuct Type Air Conditioner Service Repair Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanDuct Type Split Unit in AjmanSplit Unit Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanSplit Unit Repair in AjmanBuilding Central AC Thermostat Repair and Replacement in AjmanAC Freon Refill Refilling Charging in AjmanAC Gas Charging in AjmanAC Coil Cleaning in AjmanCentral AC Chiller Gas Refill in AjmanAir Condition Gas Refilling in AjmanBuilding AC Compressor Change in AjmanBuilding AC Gas Filling in AjmanBuilding AC Cleaning in AjmanBuilding AC Fixing in AjmanBuilding AC Maintenance in AjmanBuilding AC Repairing in AjmanAnnual AC Maintenance in AjmanCondenser Coil Unit Repair in AjmanAC Duct Installation in AjmanDuct Work in AjmanDuct Installation in AjmanHVAC Duct Installation Contractor in AjmanDuct Company in AjmanRemoving Duct in AjmanInstallation Duct in AjmanAC Chiller Maintenance Company in AjmanAC Filter Cleaning Service in AjmanAC Installation Company in AjmanAC Maintenance Company in AjmanAC Overall Servicing Cleaning in AjmanAC Repairing Workshop in AjmanAC Repair Shop in AjmanAC Service Repair Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanHVAC Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner Service Maintenance Repair in AjmanAC Chiller Compressor Change and Replacement in AjmanWall Mounted AC Unit Installation Service Repair in AjmanCentral Air Conditioner Service Repair Maintenance Installation Cleaning Fixing in AjmanCentral Type Building AC Service Repair Cleaning in AjmanSplit and Central AC Annual Maintenance Contract AMC in AjmanBuilding Air Condition Yearly Maintenance Contract in Ajman Locations: Ajman Free Zone, Ajman Industrial, Ajman Uptown, Al Alia, Al Bustan, Al Hamidiya, Al Jurf, Al Muntazi, Al Muwaihat, Al Nakhil, Al Nuaimia, Al Rahmaniya, Al Raqaib, Al Rashidiya, Al Rawda, Al Rumailah, Al Safia, Al Yasmeen, Al Zorah, Emirates City, Helio, Jerf Industrial, Liwara, Meshairef, Tallah, Al Zahya Aftron - Akai - AUX - Blue Star - Bompani - Bryant - Carrier - Cooline - Cool Wave - Daewoo - Daikin - Frego - Gami - Generaltec - Goodman - Gree - Haier - Hisense - Lennox - LG - MDV - Midea - Mitsubishi Electric - Nikai - Nobel - O’General Taqeef - Panasonic - Rheem - Ruud - Samsung - SKM - Super General - Supra - Trane - Westpoint - YorkAjman City Tower, Ajman One Tower, Al Furat Tower, Al Khor Tower, Al Muhairi Tower, Alshaali Tower, Ali Tower, Asyad Tower, Bin Hamoodah Tower, Bustan Tower, Conqueror Tower, Corniche Tower, Diwan Tower, Emissa Tower, Escape Tower, Falcon Tower, Gate Tower, Goldcrest Dreams Tower, Grand Residence Tower, Gulf Tower, Horizon Tower, Kingston Tower, Lake Tower, Lavender Tower, Lulu Tower, Majestic Tower, Manar Tower, Mazraa Tower, Mina Tower, Murad Tower, Nayfah Tower, Nuamiya Tower, Oasis Tower, Orient Tower, OST Tower, Paradise Lake Tower, Pearl Tower, Qurtoba Tower, Rand Tower, Rashidiya Tower, Rumaila Tower, Sawan Tower, Trim Tower, Yasmeen Tower ✅ Company: Creative Air Conditioning Maintenance Works✅ Mobile / WhatsApp: 055-5269352 / 050-5737068✅ Website:✅ E-mail: [email]
Supplier : ac maintenance split gas air con al ain service duct service 055-5269352 ikea handyman electrical plumbing handyman home AJMAN
Posted On :12 months ago

carbon brush

A carbon brush is a crucial component used in various electrical machines, such as motors, generators, and power tools. It serves as a conducting element that makes electrical contact with the rotating parts of the machine, enabling the transfer of current between the stationary and moving components.Carbon brushes are typically composed of a block or a rectangular shape of carbon/graphite material that is held in a brush holder or brush assembly. The carbon material is chosen for its electrical conductivity, low friction properties, and resistance to wear.The primary function of carbon brushes is to deliver electrical current to the rotating part of the machine, known as the commutator or slip ring, while maintaining a consistent and stable electrical contact. The friction between the carbon brush and the commutator or slip ring ensures a reliable transfer of electrical power.Over time, carbon brushes may wear down due to mechanical and electrical stresses, resulting in reduced performance or even complete failure of the machine. Regular inspection and replacement of carbon brushes are necessary to maintain the optimal functioning of the equipment. Carbon brushes are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different machine types and applications. Manufacturers or specialized suppliers offer compatible carbon brushes designed for specific machines and their respective requirements. They play a critical role in facilitating the flow of electrical current in rotating electrical machines. They are essential components that require proper maintenance and replacement to ensure efficient and reliable operation.
Posted On :12 months ago

Electrical Repair & Maintenance

We can carry most of the electrical repair and maintenance work at homes, offices, and businesses. With vast experience in Abu Dhabi, Evershine has the versatility to provide first-rate electrical services across Abu Dhabi.Highlights of our services:Lighting Installations & Electric rewiring Extractor fans & storage heaters installedExtra sockets and light points installed Indoor and outdoor lighting and electrical rewiring Domestic and Commercial Electric wiringFault finding and recommendationsElectrical maintenance & repairsWhether you require a simple switch board fitting or full-blown lighting design and installation service, our highly skilled electricians are available, no matter the size or scale of the requirement. As one of the leading electrical companies in Abu Dhabi, we are able to offer low cost, high standard services in electrical rewiring, external and internal lighting. 
Supplier : Evershine Cleaning Service ABU DHABI
Posted On :2 years ago

AC Gas Refilling

AC Repair Sharjah offers top-notch services for air conditioning systems in Sharjah. With a team of skilled technicians and extensive expertise in AC repair, they provide efficient and reliable solutions to keep your AC running smoothly. Whether your AC requires gas refilling or any other repairs, their professionals ensure the job is done with precision and care. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and prompt service makes them a trusted choice for all your AC maintenance needs in Sharjah. Trust AC Repair Sharjah to keep your AC cool and comfortable all year round.
Supplier : AC Repair Sharjah SHARJAH
Posted On :2 years ago

XLPE insulation manufacturing in Dubai

Posted On :2 years ago


We have you covered: whether you keep the daily commuters cool by maintaining the climate control of the public transport or taking care of food preservation during transportation. We understand the importance of establishing comfort for passengers, drivers and machine operators. As well as the essential need to preserve food and to maintain stringent climate conditions for pharmaceutical logistics.We offer a wide range of refrigeration hoses and fittings which are some of the best and most versatile products on the market. To keep your head cool too.FEATURES OF OUR SPECIALIZED OFFER FOR REFRIGERATION:hoses with continuous service temperature range from -40°C / 125°Ccomplete range including hot air hose, air filters and air dryerstools and machines dedicated to refrigerationREFRI HOSE ASSEMBLIESconnect via crimped, screwed or field clamped fittingsboth thermoplastic and synthetic rubber hose covers on offerdiverse types of reinforcements: textile braid, wire braid or polyesterhigh temperature and environmental resistant synthetic rubber hose coversthermoplastic hoses with excellent flexibilityCUSTOM SOLUTIONSTo assist you with the maintenance or installation of an A/C system in small locations we offer custom bent rigid pipes. To charge the aircon system in vehicles we also offer an excellent range of quick connect couplings.EXCEEDING GLOBAL STANDARDextremely low permeability rates - far exceeding the requirements of SAE J2064excellent compatibility with common refrigerant gases - R134a, R404a, R407C, R401A & HFO 1234yfGOST-R type approvalAPPLICATIONSpublic transport including buses and trainsoff-road agricultural, earth-moving and forestry machinesaircon for vans, trucks and leisure travel vehiclesmobile refrigeration systems for climate controlled logisticsair-conditioning and refrigeration systems
Supplier : Manuli Fluiconnecto DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Cold Storage Services

The Cold Storage Services in Dubai provides you with the benefit of storing your goods. THEMOVEIT Company owns and runs top-notch warehouses.We value the trust that you put in us. We aim to provide your temperature-sensitive goods with beneficial storage. It does not matter how long you store the goods. You will always find the services cost-effective.We also use the latest technology and equip our warehouse with the best tools. THEMOVEIT uses advanced technology to manage temperature as per clients' needs. We have highly efficient teams at the warehouse performing tasks and reporting actively. If you still hold any doubt, you can always reach out to us, and we will resolve all concerns!
Supplier : Moveit DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Electric Motors

Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are widely used to power a variety of machines and systems across numerous industries. Electric motors work based on the principles of electromagnetism, where the interaction between magnetic fields and electric currents generates rotational motion
Supplier : NuTec Overseas SHARJAH
Posted On :2 years ago

AC Repair Services In Sharjah

Al Hadi AC Repair & Maintenance Services is a reputable company that provides top-quality AC Repair Services in Sharjah. With a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians, the company offers a wide range of services, including AC installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, their team is equipped to handle any type of AC system, from window units to central air conditioning. They understand how important it is to have a working AC system in the hot and humid climate of Sharjah, and they are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services to ensure your comfort and safety. If you are in need of AC Repair Services in Sharjah, Al Hadi AC Repair & Maintenance Services is the company to trust. Feel free to contact us or visit our website
Supplier : AC Installation Services In Dubai DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Voltage stabilizer SUNTEK PR 2000

Model SUNTEK to provide 220 V gas boiler, computer and audio-video equipment. A wide operating range of 120-285 Volts, instantaneous speed of operation, switching the relay without breaking the circuit.This is the top model of voltage regulators with a socket and plug. 2000 W, 8A, these parameters solve any problems of your home. Want to feel comfortable is for you! 2KWatt energy in your hands. This is not 150 volts as a neighbor who does not boil a kettle for 10 minutes, as you are now, but 17 minutes, this is the possibility of working all the equipment at one time!What can we attract? First is the quality. People are tired of poor quality, of not matching parameters, etc. We went the other way. We do not sell at a low price, we sell at the right price. Install such a voltage regulator in your home and you yourself will understand everything.And now the facts:1. Operating range 120-285 volts2. In the range of 140-270 Volt, the stabilizer fully corresponds to the nominal, it can be seen on the video!3. The presence of lightning protection allows it to be used in difficult weather conditions in India, the UAE, and African countries.4. Installed relays in the stabilizer provide up to 100,000 switches each. If each relay switches 20 times a day (a total of 80 times), even with such conditions, the resource will be enough for almost 14 years of work!Silver on the contacts eliminates their sticking.
Supplier : ElectroSheriff RAS AL KHAIMAH
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In East Gate, we make sure to hire the best expertise in this field, as we believe that our foundation is based on quality as we strive to earn our customer's satisfaction. We also make sure that our bakery equipment meets high standards of health, safety, economy and superiority in what we offer, as we believe that satisfaction is only obtained by persistence and hard work, and that is why we made sure to have the (ISO) certificates of quality.
Posted On :2 years ago

Single Core cable

Ducab Single Core Wire 4mm - BlackSingle Core PVC Insulated Non-Sheathed general purpose cable.Length: 100mtrs.
Supplier : Canvas General Trading L.L.C DUBAI
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Acoustic Drum Set

PEAVEY PV 5PC Wine Red (DRUM SET)22 x 18 Bass Drum, 16 lugs14 x 6.5 Snare Drum, 8 lugs12 x 10 Tom, 12 lugs13 x 11 Tom, 12 lugs16 x 16 Floor Tom, 12 lugsWood Bass Drum HoopsDeluxe Cymbal Boom StandDeluxe Double Braced HardwareDeluxe Telescopic SpursResonant Mahogany shellsOne pair of Drumsticks IncludedDeluxe Bass Drum Pedal
Supplier : Bhatia Brothers DUBAI
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Ground Power Unit

Ground Power Unit (GPU) can be either a fixed or mobile unit which can be connected to the electrical system of an aircraft while on the ground to provide either 120V AC or 28V DC power. Ground power units usually consist of a generator powered by a diesel engine.
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KNIPEX PLIERS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONNo. 13 82 200EAN 4003773075080Pliers black atramentizedHead polishedHandles with multi-component gripsCutting capacity coppercable, multiple-stranded(diameter)15 Ø mmCutting capacity coppercable, multiple-stranded 50 mm²Stripping capacity forcross-sections 0,75 – 1,5 + 2,5 mm²Capacity in squaremillimetres 0,5 – 2,5 mm²AWG 1/0Length 200 mmNet weight 280 g
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Electric Evacuation Chair

Electric Evacuation ChairRescue Power Stair Chair designed with special track structure so as to give more convenience and safety for transportation. Four wheels are easy for moving on grounds. The model has two pieces of belts to strengthen the patient's safety during transportation. Mainly used in hospitals, emergency centers, moving up and down the stairs in emergency. Only one person can operate this stretcher. Made of high strength   aluminum.Product size :(L x W x H) 165 x 48.5 x 120 cmFolding size :(L x W x H) 109 x 48.5 x 25 cmWeight N.W: 33kgLoad bearing 159kg​STANDARDS: CE, FDA
Supplier : SAB Safety Equipment Trading SHARJAH
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Explosion proof split Wall air conditioner

1. Product Features:  1.1. Highly intelligent air conditioner system is with larger Cooling/Heating capacity1.2. Indoor use of frame structure, LCD display, using ultra-quiet design, the noise is small, fully automatic operating. 1.3. Automatic self-test failure program, automatic switch setting. 1.4. Use of brand-name expansion valve as a throttling element, according to load flexibility in adjusting the refrigerant flowing .1.5. Use of comedy within the copper tube and the hydrophilic thread fin, heat transfer efficiency is high. 1.6. With brand microcomputer automatic control system, with automatic fault diagnosis function, running, saving time, saving electricity. 1.7. The high quality components are used to ensure the long-term efficient operation goes well. 1.8. The products are used in the hazardous area for the oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries etc.1.9This type of explosion proof split wall mount air conditioner is up to the standards of the products quality surveillance of national explosion-proof electrification, and has obtained the explosion proof certificate . Such explosion proof split wall mount air conditioners can be used in Used in the hazard area: Zone 1,Zone 2 ,Groups IIA,IIB,IIC (IEC hazard area classification),Class 1/Division 1,Class 1/Division 2, Group B,C,D area.(NEC hazard area classification).Category 2G,3G(ATEX hazard area classification)Suitable used in the temperature range:T1,T2,T3,T4Explosion-proof mark : Exdmbib Ⅱ BT4, Exdmbia Ⅱ CT4  .Explosion proof protection can be designed according to the ambient environment. 2.Technical specifications:Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz/1Phase;  AC110V/60Hz/1Phase; AC208-230V/60Hz/1Phase;   AC380V/50Hz/3PhasesCooling capacity: 2.5 - 14kWHighest ambient temperature: +55℃,+70℃
Supplier : qamar al sahel electronics trading llc DUBAI
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Electrical and Instrumentation devices

We provide a broad variety of electrical products and cable, all of which are globally certified, reducing your supplier risk and the expense of managing numerous suppliers. We offer a wide variety of electrical goods and supplies for hazardous and industrial areas, including large stocks of OEM-approved fixtures, fittings, and accessories, as well as cable products that satisfy worldwide certification standards. We’re constantly close to your project and ready to provide anything you require.We are a certified electrical supplier with expertise in managing technical projects. We provide various electrical equipment and cable for classified and hazardous area settings that comply with worldwide standards.
Supplier : Special Equipment Supplies LLC ABU DHABI
Posted On :2 years ago

Electrical Works

One of our key expertise is in the electric service sector and we undertake all activities ranging from low voltage to medium voltage.No job is too small for us when it comes to electrical installations in and around the UAE. For your home - fixing light fixtures to your business/industrial - electrical installation and maintenance upto Medium Voltage (33kV), we cover all of it, enhancing comfort and enabling safety measure that will in turn leverage your property value. Our services include testing, installation, fault finding, and preventive maintenance - be it energy-efficient upgrades or even complete top to bottom renovations. Our team of experienced technicians are here to help, whether you’re in need of a small repair or build a new custom design; we have got the skills, the technical experience & the collaborative attitude to make your ideas and requirements to products.
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UK STAR J.BOX. 25MM 2 WAY Code No. JB252
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METALFAB design, fabricates, manufacture and supply various types of wellhead control panels for the control, monitoring, and safety of oil and gas production wells.Wellhead control panel has multiple applications but none more important than the emergency shut down system or the hydraulic safety shutdown system. Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP) is used for the monitoring, controlling, and safe shutdown of the manifolds and valves of a wellhead to ensure the safe working of unattended or even manned well in the oil and gas industry. WHCP is a standalone failsafe system with pneumatic or electric or hydraulic components and acts as the interface between the plant control and the well safety system. With high potential of hazard at oil/gas wells, safety is paramount as it can cause human causalities, environmental damages, and economic impact. Our WHCP is engineered considering all the eventualities and to provide the required results and the needed time.The level of complexity and safety significance with the WHCP requires having the finest level of quality and durability for the products and its operations. The extreme environment it is exposed to requires it to be robust to tackle these conditions for smooth functioning. We have invested our efforts, machinery, etc. keeping in consideration of all the parameters and ensure the best quality products through rigorous quality inspection programs.We specialize in Single, Multi, and PLC-based, solar-powered, and self-contained wellhead control panels that meet the highest standards of safety, performance, and reliability. All our systems are suitable for use in remote areas, on offshore platforms, and even in hostile environments.Technical Specifications:→ Type: Single well control panel / Multi-well control panel→ Driven: Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electric / Solar power / Manual→ Output: 0-20000 PSI→ Operation media: hydraulic oil / instrument air→ Control pressure: 50-100PSI→ Cabinet Temp. : -35 –65°C→ Material: 316SS→ IP:IP54→ Classification: Class 1 division I / II
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Toshiba Compressor-DSM180V11UDZ

Supplier : Uranus HVAC DUBAI
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Salad Chiller

Salad Chiller Top Table vrx1500/380. Cap: 6 x GN containers 1/3 or 1/4 size. Temperature: +2℃~+80 C. Gas refrigeration: r 134 a.. Power: 220 v / 50 hz / 280 w. Net. weight: 36 kg.. Digital temperature control with display. Dim: 1500 x 395 x 435 mm.. EMBRACO Compressor Italian made. DIXELL Digital Italian madeBrand: Salad Chiller Top Table-vrx1500/380ISO9001, CE&ROHS approved
Supplier : Trust Kitchens Equipment ABU DHABI
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Bab Telecom is capable of providing high end ELV Solutions with a highly experienced and vendor certified team of design, estimation, pre-sales, post sales, project management, implementation and support.Our industry-leading solutions and services come from an unflagging dedication to providing customized solutions. This unique entity caters to the growing needs of ELV market in the Middle-East.
Supplier : Bab Al Bait Telecommunication System L.L.C DUBAI
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MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR, 4000 min ANSI LumensProduct Code: KGLOB10287001
Supplier : Karmica Global DUBAI
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Remote Transmitter

PRODUCT CODE:512 Hz SondeCATALOG NUMBER:16728 - 19258 - 19263Can be attached to a drain cleaning cable or a water jet hose to locate the remote transmitter in a line.Can be attached to a drain cleaning cable or a water jet hose to locate the remote transmitter in a line.Flashing LED indicates that sonde is transmitting.Meets FCC Class B and EN 55022 Class B requirements.
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single door freezer

ARMADIO BT-S/S single door freezer – PERFEKTModel: AF07PKMBT (AF07EKOMBT) ANDROMEDA BT1Cap: 700 LPower: 640WTemp: -18 to -20 CDim: 715x810x2050 mm; Thickness: 60 mmWeight: 150 kg, Made by Tecnodom, Italy
Supplier : AL ARZ Refrigeration Equipment Trading SHARJAH
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We set our target for keeping our valuable clients delightful and to attain it in its true spirit through our commitment and involvement. All our customers are partners in our mission and they remember the class & quality of our service long after the product is forgotten. We at POFIS are poised to maintain our customers’ loyalty through total-quality-service (TQS). 
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Vehicle Power Stabilizer

Autoland PS-M1 Vehicle Power StabilizerIshfaq Arif Workshops Tools TR. LLC offers customers and clients the best Autoland PS-M1 vehicle power stabilizer. At the heart of the voltage, the stabiliser is the regulator coils. While some small capacity regulator coils are uncompensated, all larger capacity voltage stabilizer regulator are fully compensated. Compensation is a method whereby the naturally high reactance of long thin coils, used in the construction of the ‘Reliable' regulator coil is limited to a low value across the range of variation. Limiting the reactance tends to produce a linear variation in the output voltage of the regulator across the range of operation. Contact pick up tracks are machined onto the faces of the coils. Depending on the required output arrangement there may be tracks on both sides of the coil, or only on one side. How does Vehicle Power Stabilizer work? The core and coils are mounted in a steel framework that allows roller contacts to be presented to the coil faces at a constant pressure across the range of operation. This is how it eventually works. Choose to deal with us as we are the best vehicle power stabilizer supplier in the United Arab Emirates. Fixed Output Voltage: 14.0 Volts.                Output Current: 70 Amps (Max 110 Amps)The Autoland PS-M1 Battery Stabilizer is an essential tool for protecting the vehicle's Electronic Control Units from damage caused by falling or fluctuating voltage whilst working on the vehicle using a Scan Tool or other diagnostic equipmenThe PS-M1 automatically regulates voltage output. Essential for maintaining a steady voltage during diagnosis and programming. Protects computers during programming. Warning Mode avoids over-current and ensures battery life.Whether you are programming a new Control Unit, reprogramming an existing Control Unit, programming Keys or simply releasing an electronic 
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cold room service sharjah - cold room service dubai - chiller service sharjah - freezer service sharjah

Mana specialists in design and installation of large chiller and freezer cold rooms for industrial and commercial sector.
Supplier : mana cold room AJMAN
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Undercounter Refrigerator

Sofia Refrigeration, SOFUC-365, Undercounter Refrigerator - 360LVoltage (V) : 230Power (W) : 320Amperage (A) : 1.4Phase : 1Manufacturer Warranty (Years) : 2Country of Origin : United Arab EmiratesExterior Body Material : Stainless SteelNumber of Doors : 1Door Style : SwingCapacity (L) : 360
Supplier : Ekuep DUBAI
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Mini LED 8K AI Smart LED TV

TCL 75 Inch Mini LED 8K AI Smart LED TV QLED Google TV 75X925Model: 75X925HighlightsTCL 75 Inch 8K AI Smart LED TV Google TV Quantum Dot & Mini LED technology Android Backlight type – D-QLEDBrightness - 500nit / 1000nit Color - 1.07G(10bit) Refresh Rate - 120Hz Adaptive Brightness & ContrastGoogle Assistant / Voice Search works with Alexa Hands Free Voice Control Google Play StoreArt Design - Bezel less Metal casting Slim Fabric micphone mask.Perfect Sound Quality - ONKYO Audio system Integrated speaker box(Bottom side) + Woofer(Back side) MS12Z-Dolby Atmos DTS-HD Decode IMAX 7 preset sound modes Digital Audio out.Digital Audio Out – Optical LAN WiFi Built-in USB - 2.0 x 2 HDMI - 1.4 x 3, 2.0/2.1 x 1Dimensions ( L x H x D ) mm - With Stand - 1672.60 x 1041.10 x 309.40 Without Stand - 1672.60 x 1009.40 x 74.90Weight - Gross Unit - 41.50 kgs Net Unit - 39.50 kgs Packaging - 58.50 kgs.
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Panel Board Accessories

To get aligned with the specific needs of our customers, We at Trans light Electricals are actively involved in providing a large number of panel board accessories suppliers in Dubai, UAE. These are available in several sizes and specifications to meet  the dynamic and necessities of the electrical operations and installations.Our Panel Board Accessories IncludesDIN Rail ChannelsEnd Clamps for DIN RailsDMC Bus Bar Supports / InsulatorsInsulator Conical SeriesPVC Grommets / ClosuresPanel Locks/ Key LocksSwing Handle (Round Rod)Hinges and FiltersDocument HoldersPBT SpacersNeutral Link BreakPVC Trunkings, Porcelain Connectors etc.Features & ApplicationsLightweight and Corrosion Free.ROHS compliant with good workability.Easy to Install.Low density with an integrated system for greatest surge protection.Suitable for oil hose or air hose and used in various control panels, machine tools, etc.Shield electrical equipment from damages due to short circuits.Produced to accommodate additional support to panels which are overloaded with heavy equipment.
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Refrigerator DEALERS

Built in Combi Refrigerator FCB 320 NR MS A+FCB 320 NR MS A+ Combined Built-In RefrigeratorGross Capacity: 263 LRefrigerator Net Capacity: 189 LControl: Mechanical ControlFreezer Net Capacity: 71 LDimensions: 55 X 175.5 X 56cmPower Of Freezing: 3.5kg/24hElectrical Load (W): 100 WNoise Level (DbA): 38 DbAClimatic Class: SN-N-STEnergy Class: A+Made In Serbia
Supplier : Metallica Appliances L.L.C. DUBAI
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COSMOPLAST WATER THERMOSE 1 GLNDesigned to meet the highest standard of durability and temperature controlComes with an ergonomic handle for easy carryingideal for picnics, outings and holidaysSpecificationsSize                     4literColour                 GreenProduct Weight   1.3 kg
Supplier : Fine Tools Trading DUBAI
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Display refrigerator

Display refrigerator.. temp: +2 ~ +5 °c.. electronic control panel. refrigerated storage with doors. neon lighting power: 36 w.. gas refrigeration: r 507 a.. power: 230 v / 50 hz / 553 w.. dim: 1520 x 898 x 870 + 392 mm.SALINA S80150VVC / Tecnodom / made in italy
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Denon DJ MCX8000 Standalone DJ Player and Serato 4-Channel DJ Controller

Includes revolutionary Denon DJ Engine standalone technology2 USB inputs for Engine playback in standalone modeIncludes 4-deck Serato DJ software2 high-definition displays show Engine and Serato DJ operationProfessional 4-channel digital mixer with 2 microphone inputs
Supplier : Animus Corporation Limited London
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Air Curtain Installation

Al Najmah provides Air Curtain Blowers Air Curtain Installation Air Curtain Low Noise Air Curtain Motors Air Curtain Sensors Air Curtain Spare Parts Air Curtains PCB Air Curtains Suppliers Heavy Duty Air Curtains Industrial Air Curtain PVC Curtain Roll Supply PVC Strip Curtain Installation
Supplier : Al Najmah Facility Management Services SHARJAH
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We are an authorized distributor of construction building materials such as Cement, Plywood, Binding wire, Steel Products, Polythene Sheet, Scaffolding, Safety Road & Transport, Plumbing, Machinery Tools and Hardware, etc. from a leading Manufacturers all across the world. We also supply Medical Safety Equipment in which includes 3M 8210, N95 9320, Surgical Mask 3 ply, Coverall, Shoe cover, PPE kit, Safety Goggle.Also, we deal with the Import & Export of all kinds of construction building material.
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Wall Mounted AC-G4matic-R32C3

Brand : GreeRefrigerant : R410AType : High WallKey Feature : Piston CompressorColor : WhiteESMA rating : 2-StarIndoor Weight : 19.5 kgOutdoor Weight : 81.0 kgIDU :W1350 x H326 x D258 mmODU :W1000 x H790 x D427 mm
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air conditioners

Super General SGS365NE Split A/C 3 Ton The air conditioners from Super General are both stylish and long-lasting. We create portable air conditioners that are lightweight, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. We offer world-class service that you can rely on and afford.
Supplier : Augment General Trading LLC DUBAI
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3 Pin Extension Switch Socket

Kawashi 3 Pin Extension Switch Socket-10mKawashi 3 Pin Extension Switch Socket-10m. Safe & reliable design to use and durable. Premium quality 3 pins electric extension for various general and residential purposes.Recommended: Home Electronic, Audio & Video sets, Office types of equipment & Computer.
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Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Mohini Marble Shockproof Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max with Bracket Electroplating Soft IMD and Easy Holder Green.Product Type: Mobile Phone casesDesign: Marble LuxuryFeature: Shockproof, Waterproof, With Holder, Four Corner Protect ShockproofCompatible Brand: For Iphone
Supplier : Mohini General Trading LLC SHARJAH
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Body Material : S195TCartridge Material: PP (Disc) PA (Screen SS 304 Cage PA )Maximum Working Pressure : 10 Bar (116 PSI)Maximum Working Temperature: 60 °C / 140 °FFiltration Degree: 20-50-100-130 MicronFilter Cartridge: E: Screen CartridgePainting Method: Electrostatic Powder CoatingPaint Material: Epoxy Polyester
Supplier : CoolTech ABU DHABI
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Supplier : Upstart Global Trade DUBAI
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High-quality pressure switches, flow indicators and digital display units from HYDAC give operators maximum control over their filtration setup and status.
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Electric Massage Pillow

Electric Massage Pillow with Heat, Full-Body Relaxation Targets Upper and Lower Back, Neck, and Shoulders, Integrated Controls PillowBUY ONE GET ONE FREE All you need to do is checkout one product and we will send you 2 of them. Convenient Hand Controller: Corded hand control with neck massage pillow, freely choose the direction of massage rotating and heat function. Heat Therapy: Heating function as optional can be turned on/off, provides gentle warmth to improve the blood circulation. Portable Neck, Shoulders Massager: AC adapter for home and office and DC adapter for car. Enjoy a relax able healthy life. Perfect Massage Spot & Intensity: The pillow can be easily positioned anywhere on your back or neck while sitting in a chair or lying on a couch or bed.
Supplier : Buymode DUBAI
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Automatic Transfer Switch

Accurate Power Industrial General Trading LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) across the UAE. For automatic transfer of power supply, the panels of ATS Panels are used. Also, ATS panels are presently a very well-known name among any generator maintenance company in UAE. Their panels serve as mediators between the primary power source and the backup power source at times of power failures and outages. Moreover, the use of the best brands such as LS, Schneider & Himel is essential here.
Supplier : Accurate Power Industrial General Trading LLC DUBAI
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Fan Motor Daewoo 12v KoreaModel Number: D4612AAA01Motor type: Refrigerator Fan Motor, Brushless DC fan motorRated Voltage: DC 12VRated load: 110Revolution: 2100-2300 RPMConnector Housing: 35151-0210Connector Terminal: 35746-0110Lead Wire: UL1007, 0.16/17, AWG#22, 245-255mmShaft: 3.17 / 95mm
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Supplier : Jackys Electronics DUBAI
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Switches and Sockets

We, at Dani Trading offer switches and Sockets for all kinds of uses in a variety of styles from the top brands in the industry.
Supplier : Dani Trading LLC DUBAI
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Electronic Protractor

Features:Fix the locking screw at 4 positions for different measuring ranges like 225 degree, 225-0 degree, 45-180 degree, 180-45 degreeButtons functions are on/off, hold (keep the reading), Zero, ABS (absolute and incremental measurement)Remove the locking screw for 360 degree rangeWith level vialBattery CR2032Automatic power off
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Built-In Combination Fridge Freezer

Fridge Freezer• 60cm Built-In Combi Fridge Freezer• For fully integrated, door-on-door installation• Net capacity freezing compartment: 61 L• Net capacity refrigeration compartment: 188 L• Very silent: only 39 dB• Automatic defrosting of the freezer compartment• Automatic defrosting of the cooling compartment• Fan air circulation for even temperaturethroughout the fridge• Shopping function quickly assures thedesired refrigeration temperature• Fast Freeze function with auto return tonormal settings• Holiday function to minimize energy consumptionduring long absence avoiding mould andbad odours• Audible and visible high temperaturewarning signal• Audible and visible warning signal for open door• Electronic temperature controls with LCD display• Refrigerator lighting: 1, Internal. LED, Side• Refrigerator shelves: 3 Full Width + 1Flexi shelf,Glass full width with front and rear trim• Egg tray: 2 for 6 eggs• Freezer drawers: 3 Full Width, Transparent Plastic• Refrigerator drawers: 2 Half Width, Transparent Plastic•Door hinges placement: RightColor:• WhiteProduct Dimensions:• H 1769 mm
Supplier : Kitchen King UAE AJMAN
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Supplier : Security Store DUBAI
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Heavy Duty CFM Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer

Heavy Duty CFM Hot Wire Thermo-AnemometerAccurately measure Air Flow (CFM/CMM) or Air velocity plus °F/°C Temperature
Supplier : Elite Thermography LLC ABU DHABI
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Work top refrigerator.8 drawers. cap:500 liters.constructed of st. steel aisi 304, 18/10. temp: +o ~ +10 °c.gas refrigeration: r134a. ambient temperature +43 °c.power: 230 v,50-60 hz,500 w.dim: 2250 x 700 x 650 mm.TG23D8S,LAVA INOX
Supplier : Al Razana Kitchen Equipments DUBAI
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Top Plug Black TTP 13A

13A Top Plug Black TTP 13A (B) TerminatorTerminator Black Top Plug With Fitted 13A Fuse 3 Pin Flat With Indicator Light
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steel kettle

Kenwood Accent Collection steel kettle ZJM01 1.7ltrAn essential kitchen appliance, this electric kettle has a wide spout for easy pouring and an automatic shut-off feature, which prevents overheating.
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Top Freezer Refrigerator

Terim - Top Freezer Refrigerator, 520 L, TERR520SS- 520 L Top Mount Refrigerator- No frost- Mechanical temperature control- Multi-air flow design- 2 L bottle rack- Interior LED light- Glass Shelves- Stainless Steel- Dimensions (W/D/H): 72x68.2x176.4 cm
Supplier : Better Life Home Appliance DUBAI
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Refrigerant Recovery Machine

 ROTHENBERGER - ROREC PRO – 230V Refrigrant Recovery MachineModel # 1686.06 4-pole motor guarantees the durability of the machineLow noise and vibration emission thanks to the compact designIntuitive handling makes it simple and safe to use
Supplier : AAB Tools Industrial Supplies DUBAI
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Large Area Diffusers

Large Area DiffusersModel No.:765963a117b6Model:CryptoScentBrand:Spring AirCryptoScent® has been designed in order to aromatize any kind of large scale spaces through the central ventilation system. It can be applied directly on the HVAC or to the supply duct 
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Air diffuser for ac ducts

Ac duct diffuserEffective in large areas* Creates a perfect ambiance of good smell* Prevents bad odours* Elegant, discrete and user friendly diffusers* Advanced micro diffusion technology* Digital display with twenty-four hour clock* Adjustable starting and stopping times* Adjustable diffusion and stand by intervals* Weekend On/Off function* Different language choices are available* Easy and clean replacement of aroma oil cartridges* Wall mountable* Low power consumption* Tens of Carpex fragnances to choose from* Coverage up to 900m3* Digital displayModel : CA900
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Poly Sync 20

 Let’s face it: the audio on your laptop and smartphone aren’t great. Sound like the professional you are with Poly Sync 20 USB/Bluetooth® smart speakerphone—for remarkable conference calls and music anywhere. Take it wherever you go—its battery lasts for hours and can charge your smartphone. You’ll always hear and be heard. The multimedia quality sound is a music-lover’s delight. Designed specifically for today’s professional, it’s sleek, compact, and filled with smart features to keep conference calls simple.
Supplier : Almoe Digital Solutions LLC (AV & IT) DUBAI
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Metrologic MS1690 Focus Barcode Scanners

The Metrologic MS1690 Focus is an omnidirectional scanner capable of reading all standard 1D, PDF417, MicroPDF, composite, Matrix and Postal Codes. The MS1690 Focus's rugged housing means it's built for the toughest industrial environments. The Metrologic MS1690 Focus also features automatic stand detection for convenient in-stand scanning and the firmware can be updated via Flash ROM.
Supplier : YES POS DUBAI
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Don’t let your hard drive damage with the unexpected power failure. Just order online the high-quality UPS equipment and products like APC UPS and Eaton UPS that can provide the necessary protection to your PC against unexpected power failure. Improper shutdown of the computer can result in potential damage to the hard drive that is utilized for storage purposes. This can lead to temporary data loss along with internal hardware issues that can affect the functionality of the computer. At Avalon, we understand that the recovery process for the lost data due to damaged hard drive is an expensive affair and one needs to spend a significant amount of time, energy and money. Our perfectly designed UPS equipment acts as a bridge between your computer system and the main power supply. Thus, helping you overcome the power interruption issue and lets you save your work due to a sudden power cut.
Supplier : Avalon Network Systems LLC DUBAI
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VSD-01 (Black)LED Rechargeable wall-mounted torchRobber handle, ABS cradleBulb Type: 13LEDsColor: Silver+Black/Silver+White(Customized)Battery: 3 AA (Ordinary or Rechargeable Batteries)Size: 185x 60x 55mm(ø45xø175mm)
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S/S electrical contact toaster double stripedPower: 380-415V / (2x2.5) 5 Kw-50/60HzDim 620x350x250 mmWeight: 40 kg
Supplier : Marino Kitchen Equipment LLC DUBAI
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OC3 CAR ADAPTERThe Kärcher OC 3 car adapter is the perfect way to get continual cleaning power no matter where you are. This adaptor comes with a 2m long cable and uses the 12V socket in your vehicle to give you great cleaning performance on bikes, walking shoes & wellies, water sports equipment and even dogs!
Supplier : Karcher Center Dubai DUBAI
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RC 4/36-DAB JOBSITE RADIORobust jobsite radio with DAB, Bluetooth® pairing and charger for 12V-36V Hilti batteriesBattery System Compatibility: 12 V, 14 V, 22 V, 36 VConnectivity options: Bluetooth, NFC, AuxRadio broadcasting: DAB/DAB+, FM, AM
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Barcode Printer special offer

Barcode Printer special offerFree delivery in UAE
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Air Conditioner Cover

Polyethylene Window Air Conditioner Cover12 molded holes (lengthwise) and 16 holes (widthwise) for better air circulationMolded from FDA approved UV Stabilized PolyethyleneLightweight, strong, durable & rust-freeDouble-wall construction & smooth surface to allow easy cleaningNestable Drip-tray for water collection also available at an extra costFour molded holes on each side for easy installationAvailable in different colours
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Magnetic Level Switch

Type : Miniature, Cable Float, Side Mounted, Top MountedConnection : BSPP, NPT, Flanged etc.Material : PP, SS316 etc.
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Audio & Video Intercom System

Audio & video intercom systems play an important role in access control for security purposes. An audio and video intercom system is the best way to see who is at the door…
Supplier : Vegadigital IT Solutions DUBAI
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Air Conditioner

C & C AC Repair & Maintenance Dubai offers high quality Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance services. If you are looking for Air Conditioner Repair Company in Dubai that give you best quality maintenance and repair for your AC, then C & C AC Maintenance Repair will be your 1st choice. Our professionals have years of experience and training and always provided superior services.   Offered Services:  AC Repair  AC Maintenance  AC Servicing  AC Fixing  AC Emergency Services  AC Water Leakage Repair    Call us for your AC repair needs. PH: 050 4947460
Supplier : C&C Home Maintenance DUBAI
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The fuel handling system is an engineered system. It is designed for the uninterrupted supply of fuel from storage facilities to equipment. Like engines, boilers, generators, etc with the provision to watch and control. 
Supplier : Control Tech Middle East SHARJAH
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Electronic Signature Pads

Our electronic signature tablets are the perfect solutions for the digitalization of all business processes of an organization. Whether customer onboarding or internal documentation, the device coupled with workflow application enables seamless transformation. The document is visible as PDF files and in high resolution allowing to scroll and zoom in and out.  PDf offers security and the user authorizes access for viewing the document and for signature. The tablet records the biometric parameters such as pressure, acceleration, speed, rhythm and movements in the air for the captured signature. 1024 pressure levels, considered the highest is detected for optimal quality and accuracy of the captured data.EnSoft is the complete solution for the collection and managing of biometric signatures. The software suite has 14 modules with the basic version to record signatures to marketing activities and data-entry. The solution is easily integrated with no pre-requisites except signing a document on a PDF file. The suite allows the flexibility to disable the pen during work, blocks the appearance of not allowed content, and emulates a second mouse inside the suite of products. The signature SW automatically generates the signature fields on the document through special bookmarks or SDK in the software.
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Alpine Berry Juul UK

Alpine Berry / Berry pods from JUUL UK are a delectable blend of sweet berries and icy menthol. These pods have a sweet taste with a crisp minty aftertaste, reminiscent of luscious wild berries and revitalising garden mint.Alpine Berry now comes in 1.8 percent nicotine level pods, which are ideal for individuals who prefer a smoother throat hit.
Supplier : Vape King Dubai DUBAI
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Engine Exhaust

Available in different sizes
Supplier : Bright Future Int. Sanitaryware Trading SHARJAH
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Semi Conductors

A semiconductor material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor, such as metallic copper, and an insulator, such as glass. Its resistivity falls as its temperature rises; metals behave in the opposite way. 
Supplier : Al Zaabi Steel Products Trading DUBAI
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GCS Certified Cleaning Company in Dubai - Technical Service Company

GCS Cleaning Services LLC has years of excellence in providing the best quality cleaning, maintenance, and technical services. We know that trust and dependability are two significant factors to boost a business, and we have combined both of these qualities to serve our clients. We have thousands of happy customers in Dubai.We have certified maids, cleaners, and technicians to complete the task with 100% proficiency. Our trained team members meet all the deadlines and provide the best results to exceed your expectations. We have aimed to leave a positive impression by delivering the best services. Call us or send us an email to hire a team of our expert technicians and cleaners!GCS Certified Cleaning Company in Dubai - Technical Service Company
Supplier : gcsowner DUBAI
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Supplier : Al Najim Al Muzdahir Hardware Trading LLC SHARJAH
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Switching Components

FGC which was formerly known as CEAG FCG Pvt. Ltd.has achieved remarkable strides in the field ofexplosion-protected equipment over a period of lastthree decades. Having started its operation at Mumbaiin 1974, FCG has come a long way up and establisheditself as a leader in this market segment with regionaloffices across the country.
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