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Ac Rental Services

Discover comfort with Reyami Rental's AC Rental Services. Whether it's for events, offices, or temporary spaces, our comprehensive solutions offer efficient and reliable cooling tailored to your needs. With prompt delivery, top-quality equipment, and expert support, we ensure your environment stays refreshingly comfortable. Trust Reyami Rental for your air conditioning needs, providing seamless service and comfort every step of the way.
Supplier : RTS Construction Equipment Rental L.L.C DUBAI
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Nerd Fire 8000 Puffs is an exceptional vaping device by various means. It is low-cost and accommodates a unique design. This healthier alternative to traditional smoking also has cutting-edge mesh coil technology, a powerful battery, and oil level indicators. Moreover, its battery level indicator provides you with accurate battery status updates. It means you know much earlier when to recharge or replace the device. Along with this, we must mention that this disposable Vape accommodates an oil level indicator. This vital tool also acts like the battery level indicator and allows you to know the e-liquid level status in advance. There is much more to say about this device. Let’s check out those exceptional facilities and features.Exact 8000 Puffsrechargeable 650mAh batteryType C USB port for rechargingE-liquid 14 ml & 2% Nicotine Level, BLACKCURRANT ICE, Blue Razz Lemonade, Blueberry, Blueberry Pomegranate, Cherry Cranberry, COFFEE TOBACCO, Cola Ice, Cubano, Double Apple, Fresh Mint, Grape Ice, Mango Ice, NERD BULL, Peach Mango, Strawberry, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Watermelon Bubblegum,     Watermelon IceYou have the option to choose from the below-listed Nerd Fire Vape UAE:1 Pcs of NERD Fire Disposible Vape1 box consisting of 10 pcs of NERD Fire Disposable Vape.
Supplier : vapedazzle co DUBAI
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Metal Engraving suppliers : FAS Arabia -

We are providing high quality metal engraving. We can do all customized metal engraving. Offering the best metal engraving works UAE. Metal engraving Dubai. contact FAS Arabia LLC
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Floating Paddle

All our products meet the strictest standards for design, testing and are backed by all required documentation. All products also comply with local and international standards.We supply with SOLAS / MED certification offering a wide range of marine safety and life-saving equipment, for everything from small boats up to commercial vessels, including personnel transfer basket, life rafts,  life jackets,  immersion suit, life float & buoys, and basket stretchers.
Supplier : SAB Safety Equipment Trading SHARJAH
Posted On :2 years ago

Exhibition Carpets

Buy Beautiful Exhibition Carpet in Dubai.If you are looking forward to organizing a big event then you should install our exhibition Carpet Dubai. These carpets will boost up the level of beauty of your event. You can use the event carpets for your different events including products launch, wedding events, sports festivals, etc. These exhibition Carpets Dubai are the best way to express your hospitality by fixing these carpets in the entryway for your guests.We provide great safety for your guests by installing these carpets as well. Our events or exhibition carpets in Dubai are anti-slippery and are fire resistant as well. They are anti-allergic to make your guests feel comfortable. These carpets will make your environment quiet as they are sound-reducing as well.
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Events Pergola is those structures that are highly in demand for the events. It is a common sight that many event management companies prefer using on certain occasions. They are not too big in structure and are used to set up parlors for various food items.
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Order meat masala Pack At best Price

Enhance the taste and flavor of your non veg dishes 🥘 Order meat masala mix from Quoodo 🛒 'Perfect blend of pure spices.
Supplier : quoodo DUBAI
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We set our target for keeping our valuable clients delightful and to attain it in its true spirit through our commitment and involvement. All our customers are partners in our mission and they remember the class & quality of our service long after the product is forgotten. We at POFIS are poised to maintain our customers’ loyalty through total-quality-service (TQS). 
Posted On :2 years ago

Camel Plastic Playing Cards

Camel Plastic Playing CardsManufactured by the Ace Card Company, this pack contains 12 Packs of Playing Cards. Camel Playing Cards 100% Plastic & Washable. Printed on high quality, Specially designed for gathering outdoor activities i.e. beach, park, mountain gaming or collection, gift items.
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Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar 1 Silver Medal 250mlThe “1 Medal” is a balsamic of great taste and persistence of perfumes. The warm and fruity notes of the cooked grapes are well blended with a well-rounded balsamic intensity. 
Supplier : Fresh Express DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

American Garden Lemon Juice

The American Garden Lemon Juice is made with 100% pure concentrated lemon juice. You can pour it directly over raw vegetables, add it to your favorite salads’ dressings or use it in grilled and roasted meats.
Supplier : Golden Grains Foodstuff Trading LLC DUBAI
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The CR800 Semi-Recumbent Bike is the perfect bike for commercial environments durable construction, and accessible step-through design.Smooth, quiet 20” stride, optimal distance for the average userGenerator powered console means there is no need for electricityHeavy-gauge high-strength steel with durable powder-coat paint frame40 levels of resistance will keep your clients engaged during their entire workout
Supplier : Binaca Medical Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago


Rehab Shoulder Isokinetic machine. This multi-function Shoulder training machine is for both Low speed and High Speed use. Has bio feedback system and can be fully computerised.This single station multi-function rotary shoulder machine follows the variable speed isokinetic resistance system that naturally adjusts to the acceleration-deceleration strength curve throughout the range of movement (ROM).
Posted On :2 years ago

Furniture Rentals In Dubai

Fern Event Rental provides a luxury collection for any types of party rental chairs, furniture, tables, outdoor furniture, bar stools, sofa rent in Dubai & UAE. Enquire NowFurniture Rentals In Dubai
Supplier : Event Event Rental DUBAI
Posted On :3 years ago

Events Management

World Events Management Services (WEMS)LLC is the best events management company in Dubai, UAE. We provide A-Z Event Solutions & Services for all kind of events like birthday events, wedding venues, corporate events, gala nights, conferences, seminars, product launch events, gala dinners, and much more. World EMS is an event management company in Dubai that provides you with an excellent event, turning the concept idea into reality as we work with passion for perfection. Our well-trained and presentable staff will serve your guests with pleasure making us pro experts when it comes to catering, floral pieces, styling ambiance and much more.
Supplier : World Events Management DUBAI
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Camping Equipment Supplier In UAE

Camping Equipment Supplier In UAE 
Supplier : Stardom Engineering services LLC ABU DHABI
Posted On :4 years ago


Arabic Sadu Fabrics, Heritage Sadu Fabrics, Arabic Tents Fabrics, Bait Shaar Fabrics, Canvas Fabrics.All Types of Sadu Pattern Available. Arabic Sadu Fabrics in the United Arab Emirates is a traditional form of weaving practised by Bedouin women in rural communities. Traditionally men shear goats and camels, and the wool is cleaned and prepared by the women. The yarn is spun on a drop spindle, then dyed using local plant extracts (such as henna or saffron), and then woven on a floor loom using a warp-faced plain weave. The traditional colours are black, white, brown, beige and red, with distinctive patterns in the form of narrow bands of geometric designs. The result is colourful products: clothing, camel and horse decorations, Bedouin tents, majlis floor pillows, carpets and mats. Traditionally, women gather in small groups to spin and weave, exchanging family news and occasionally chanting and reciting poetry. Such gatherings are also the means of transmitting the tradition: girls learn by watching, and are gradually given tasks to do, such as sorting the wool, before learning the more intricate skills involved.​"Arabic Sadu Fabrics" is said to be an ancient tribal weaving craft that artistically portrays Arabian nomadic peoples’ rich cultural heritage and instinctive expression of natural beauty. Woven geometric and figurative patterns and symbols reflect the traditional tribal lifestyle, the desert environment and the weavers’ creative self-expression. Arabic Sadu Fabrics textiles and weaving practice can be seen as an extension of the weaver’s hand, and the graceful moving pace of the camel. Camels were used for transportation and food, but also for textile production, and so their figurative symbolism is important. Camel symbols and tribal animal brandings can create a complex visual code depicted in highly prized woven Sadu textiles. With the demise of tribal existence and the decline of associated weaving skills and memories, the demands for tribal camel textiles have virtually ceased, and so Al Sadu weaving and nomadic animal husbandry, once crucial and vital.
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Table Sanitizer Stand

Table Sanitizer Stand 
Supplier : Avensia Group DUBAI
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Events and Exhibition Tents

Al Fares International Tents and Marquees are rented for the purpose of accommodating indoor and outdoor events, such as Exhibition, Tradeshows, Wedding celebrations, Concerts, Music Festivals, Carnivals, Defense Exhibitions, Sporting Events, etc. We are also engaged in other services such as Field Hospitals, Drive Through or Screening Tents,&nbsp; Cooling Solutions, Commercial, and Industrial Mobile Halls.<div></div><a href="">Event Tent Rental Bahrain</a>
Supplier : Al Fares International Tents SHARJAH
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Arena seating Dubai

MBM is the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality theater seating,arena seating and auditorium seating in UAE  . we meets the fulfillment of customer satisfaction and deliver a unique solution at an affordable range.
Supplier : MBM UAE DUBAI
Posted On :5 years ago

Football ground Sand supplier in UAE

We are the one of the largest manufacturer for Football ground Sand in UAE & Other GCC Country.  It is used in Construction Chemicals, Sport & Leisure, Oil & Gas, Metallurgical, Laboratory Testing, Glass  Reinforcement, Glass Industries, Foundry Casting, Filtration, Ceramics and Refractories, Agriculture, Traffic Paint and Texture.
Supplier : Gulf Minerals & Chemical Industries DUBAI
Posted On :6 years ago

Grocery Shop Renovation Work in Dubai

Our key advantages: -A) Work handling by experienced engineers B) Long Time Experience in renovation works C) Professional labours and SupervisionsD) We have all equipment for Grocery shops E) Fast and Prompt service in the very short period of time F) Understanding and implementing our client requirementsThe Major Activities of Our Renovation work 1)Shelf Dismantle and nail removing2) Removing Floor Tile and fixing new tiles (RAK)3)Demolition of mezzanine-steel 4) Build a new wall/Block5) Electrical work on shop 6) Armored Cable from main DB to shop DB7) AC installation + Chiller Open Installation 8) AC Drainage 9) Isolator for AC and Open Chiller 10) Aluminum Ceiling Work11) Ceiling Electrical Light (60x60) as per shop requirements 12) Front Glass: Clear frameless tempered glass with single door 13) Storeroom doors fabrications14) Gypsum partition for 15) Plumbing works16) Insect killer, emergency light etc17) Providing Air curtain 90cm 18) 3D or 2D Sign Board and sticker works19) Marble top Cash counter as per the guild line of EDD20) Overhead wooden box cabinets  21) weighing machine22) Stainless steel Vegetable stand23) Canopy installations 24) Shelving Turkey makes 25) Composite panel gladding26) Sandwich panel Roofing  28) Inside shop pillar gladding works29) CCTV supply and installations30) POS machines supply 31) Municipality document works and getting approvals
Supplier : Carrier Point DUBAI
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Star Football Academy

Star Football academy in Sharjah The Star Football Academy is one of the leading football coaching academy in sharjah. The Star Football Academy offers youth training programs that suit the needs of every individual player from ages 3 to 16 years old. This professional football academy has highly qualified coaches with UEFA B License credentials from the European Football Association and Level 1,2 and 3 from the UK Football Federation. With a dynamic learning environment that produces a very high standard of football coaching in Sharjah. This extraordinary football coaching academy produces programming to support training and helping players with problem solving skills during game play and training practices. Sessions are provided consistently 6 days a week after school hours and there is transport available within Sharjah on the weekends to make it easier for busy parents. This Kids football training academy has frequent friendly games and participates in tournaments with football clubs in Dubai, Sharjah and across the UAE, giving all the Star Football Academy players the opportunity to participate in all games that builds a strong team atmosphere.  The Star Football Academy has outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities that are rare in world football academies with a fully equipped gym that has adjoining bathrooms, changing rooms and a heated swimming pool for camps and special events. The camps give this football coaching academy a leading edge with UAE and Overseas camps that provide valuable learning experiences of a lifetime for all team members in the football school. The camps are held during the school holidays and provide fun, friendships and an electric team environment in the football academy. The UAE camps include soccer tournaments, soccer party games, various sports, team building activities, creative arts, swimming, special guest coaches and more. The overseas camps have exciting opportunities for members to visit Elite clubs such a Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. please visit for all details.
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Arabic Majlis Tents Rental in Dubai

Arabic Majlis Tents Rental, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, RAK, Fujairha, Alain, Abu Dhabi, UAE, More Details Contact Mr. Ahmed or Mr. Syed 0505773027 / 0568181007Wednesday, 12 April 2017Arabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Tents in Uae. Arabian Tent Uae . Arabic tent Al Ain . Tent In Ajman . Arabian Tents Manufacturer In UaeARABIC TENTArabic Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE, it combines the styles of Arab glorious past and advanced futureArabian Tents In uae Ramadan Tents Arabian Tents Dubai Majlis Arabian Tents  Arabic tents  Arabic tentsAl majlis tents Started With Arabian Tents , Arabian Tents In uae Ramadan Tents Arabian Tents Dubai Majlis Arabian Tents Arabic tents Arabic tents Manufacturer Arabian tents Dubai, We are the supplier of all types of tentsWe Dealing with Ramadan tents, Arabian tents, Luxury tents, Arabic tents best quality Arabian Tents for Month of RamadanMajlis tents Accessories Arabian TentsWe are Al majlis tents company We Design, manufacturing and Supplier of Arabian tents for sales.Arabic tentsWe are the supplier of all types of tents Arabic tents , Arabic tents Dubai , Arabic tents Sharjah , ARABIC MAJLIS TENTS IN SHARJAH. Arabic tents Abu Dhabi Arabian Tents Arabian Tents In UAE Arabian Tents In Dubai Arabian Tents In Abu Dhabi Arabian Tents In Sharjah Arabian Tents In Al Ain Arabian Tents Rental In UAEArabic Tent In UAE Arabic Tent Rental IN UAE Arabic Tent For Sale Arabic Tent For Rent Arabic Tent In Dubai Arabic Tent In Abu Dhabi Arabic Tent In Sharjah Arabic Majlis Tent Arabic Majlis Tents Arabic Majlis in UAE Arabic Tent For Sale Arabic Tent For Rent Arabic Tent For Rental Arabic Furniture Rental Tent For RentTent For Rental Tent For Rental In UAEArabic Majlis Tent Traditional Arabic Tent Rental Arabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in ShajrahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in ShajrahArabic Majlis Tents in Shajrah
Supplier : Car Park Shades ( Al Duha Tents SHARJAH
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Displays Printing Services in Dubai

Create impactful display stands to boost your presence in events
Supplier : DUBAI
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Supplier : White Metal Contracting LLC AJMAN
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Forbo Sphera SD Supplier in Dubai

We ZAYAANCO is a leading supplier and distributor of a wide range of flooring materials in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all across UAE and GCC. Our Company is established in 1997 with the goal of supplying quality and branded products in lowest possible prices. Our products include wide variety of Coatings, Sports & Leisure, Wooden Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, ESD Flooring, SPC, LVT, WPC Decking, Raised Access Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Gym Flooring, Carpet Flooring, EPDM Flooring, Rubber Tiles, Underlays, Adhesives & Accessories, etc.We are specialized in supplying and installing premium floor coverings in competitive prices. We always ensure to maintain a good customer relationship by constantly reviewing our customer\\\\\\'s feedback and also we take care ofour after sales services. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and thereby building and maintaining our position as a quality supplier of flooring materials for residential and commercial clients all over UAE and GCC. We are always devoted to expand our range of products to provide original and fresh designs in the market.Flooring plays an important role in office and home decor. There are a wide range of flooring types and when you think about flooring ZAYAANCO is the best solution for all your needs whether it is Commercial, Residential or Industrial. You can find wide variety of flooring products in Zayaanco. We provide stylish, durable and premium flooring products to your door step. You can browse through our wide range of products and get the best and quality products at affordable prices. We provide almost all brands of flooring products from Europe, Canada, USA and Asia.One Stop Shop for all flooring Solutions:PRODUCTS:Flooring Solutions: 1. Hardwood Floor (Solid Wood)(Sports flooring, Cottage flooring, Domestic floor, Hands scraped           floors, Hollow decking, Solid decking, Hardwood decking, DIY Tiles)2. Engineered Floor (Semi Solid)3. Laminated Wood4. Vinyl Floors     (Homogeneous Vinyl , Heterogeneous Vinyl , Luxury Vinyl tiles ) 5. Sports Flooring.(Indoor & Outdoor Tracks, Muti Purpose Courts, Volleyball Courts. Basket Courts, Handball Courts, Tennis Courts, Badminton Courts, Jogging Tracks, Running Tracks, Padel Courts, Futsal, Pickleball Courts, Cycle Tracks, Football Play Grounds, Netball Courts, Fitness & Gym Courts, Equine Floor, Wetpour, Power Turf & Line markings) 5. Coating Solutions(Coating of Acrylic, Antibacterial, Antistatic, Chemical Resistant, Decorative, Epoxy, ESD, Food Grade, Moisture Barrier, Silica, UV Resistant, Protective, Wear Resistant, Ucrete, MMA, High Temperature & Epoxy Screed)6. ESD & Conductive Floor7. WET & SAFETY FLOORS8. SPC & LVT9. CARPETS(AX - Minister, Hand tufted, Carpet tile, Machine tufted, Mosque Carpet & Rugs) 10. Gym & Fitness Floors11. RUBBER FLOORS(Commercial and recreational flooring, Sports flooring, Equine Flooring, Play ground flooring, Safety rubber tiles and pavers) 12. External Wood & WPC Decking  (Decking, Wall paneling, Fence, Pergola) 15. Adhesives, Self levelling compounds, Rubber Wheel Stoppers, Corner guards Etc....APPLICATIONS:1. SPORTS/GYM FLOORING             12. OFFICE/SUPERMARKET FLOORING  2.CONDUCTIVE FLOORING              13.CONTRACT FLOORING3.HOSPITAL FLOORING                    14.LABOUR CAMPUS FLOORING4.SAFETY FLOORING                       15.ACOUSTIC MULTILAYER FLOORING5.PORTA CABIN FLOORING              16.LINOLEUM VINYL PRINTED FLOORING6.UNIVERSITY FLOORING                17. BUS FLOORING7.COMMERCIAL FLOORING             18.LAMINATED FLOORING8.SCHOOL FLOORING                     19. PVC SKIRTINGS9.DOMESTIC FLOORING                  20.ANTISTATIC FLOORING10.COMPACT VINYL FLOORING      21.HETROGENEOUS FLOORING11. HOMOGENEOUS FLOORING     22.JOGGING TRACK Available in rolls- 2 meter wide and tiles-30*30cm,45*45cm,50*50cm,60*60cm.Our prices are competitive. We give fast deliveries  in house installation and we have good and expert team for  installation and we have completed millions of square meter areas.We, ZAYAANCO are trader, manufacturer & installer of Safety & Aesthetic Rubber Flooring. PRODUCTS:1. Safety & Aesthetic Rubber Tiles. 50 x 50 cm, up to thickness of 4.5 cm.2. Safety & Aesthetic Seamless Wet Pour Rubber Flooring. Different thicknesses and colors available3. Rubber Mulch for safety and aesthetic landscaping applications. Comes in form of rubber shreds, chips and buffing. APPLICATIONS:1. Safety Applications: Playgrounds, basketball & football fields, high voltage electrical insulation, heat insulation, chemical insulation, gyms, running tracks, walkways, all types of sports flooring and animal stables.Safety Features: Shock absorbing, slip resistance, chemical resistant, heat insulation and electrical insulation.2. Aesthetic Applications: Indoor & outdoor applications including court yards, backyards, coffee shops sitting areas, around swimming pool decks, walkways, corridors, car parks, garages, staircases, lobbies etc.Aesthetic Features: They look beautiful because of their elegant look, strong colors and unconventional styles, which gives an outstanding unorthodox looks to your indoors and outdoors. 3. SPECIAL FEATURES OF RUBBER MULCH:Rubber Mulch is as an excellent replacement of wooden mulch. Wood mulch can rot and becomes a breeding ground for insects and germs. It can destroy the plant entirely or shorten its life. The rubber mulch is much safer solution which comes in variety of designs (shreds, chips or buffing) and colors. It does not pose any problems as rotting, dampening, insect breeding etc. Furthermore it provides good water retention in soil, no bacteria or algae growth. As a result, it leads to longer and healthy botanical life.MATERIAL:Safety & Aesthetic Rubber Flooring is available in recycled EPDM or SBR rubber, as well as in virgin fast colored EPDM. All our products are made from non-hazardous and non-toxic material which is safe for use in all type of environments and all age groups of people.GUARANTEE:Our product guarantee is for 10 years.key words: Sports flooring, Hospital flooring, Clinics floor, Auditoriums flooring, Hallways, Reception flooring, Supermarket flooring, Waiting rooms flooring, Office room flooring, Kindergartens flooring, Laboratories flooring, Class rooms flooring, Dormitories flooring, Antibacterial and anti fungal flooring, Moduler structures flooring, Storage & Service areas flooring, Labs flooring, Mass merchant retail flooring, Industrial premises flooring, Accommodation flooring, Holiday homes flooring, Youth camp flooring, Hotels and hostels flooring, Porta cabin flooring, Retails centers flooring, modular structures flooring, Server rooms flooring, Electronic manufacturing flooring, Radiotherapy and lab areas flooring, Computer rooms flooring, Electronic manufacturing rooms, Radiotherapy and lab areas flooring, Shop flooring, Clean industries flooring, Intensive care rooms flooring, Transport buses flooring, coaches flooring, Trains flooring, Subways flooring, Boats flooring, airports flooring, train flooring, Ferry terminals flooring, Ramps flooring, Elevated corridor access flooring, Lifts areas flooring, Entrance area flooring, Corridor access flooring, Kitchen flooring, Wet ares flooring, Healthcare leisure flooring, Schools flooring, Industrial flooring, Heavy duty flooring, Heavy traffic areas flooring, Wet areas flooring, Shower flooring, Bathroom flooring, Food preparation areas flooring, Toilet flooring, Ramps flooring, Sloped corridor access flooring, Garage flooring, Work shop flooring, Delivery area flooring, Preparation area flooring, Construction site flooring, Site office flooring,Storage room flooring, Locker rooms flooring, Class rooms flooring, Hotels flooring, Old-age homes flooring, Residential community flooring, Play area flooring, Auditoriums flooring, Meeting rooms flooring, Bar flooring,Lounges flooring, Modular homes flooring, Structures flooring, Leisure centers flooring, Sports flooring, Retirement homes flooring, health institutions flooring, Fitness rooms flooring, Physiotherapy units flooring, School activity rooms flooring, Multi-purpose halls flooring, Volley ball courts flooring, Basket balls flooring, Table - tennis rooms flooring, Bars and coffee shops flooring, Boutiques and stores flooring, Quality vinyl flooring, European standard flooring, Heavy duty vinyl flooring, Sports flooring, Homogeneous flooring, Heterogeneous flooring, Conductive flooring, Anti static flooring, Hospital Flooring, Safety flooring, School flooring, University flooring, Acoustic flooring, PVC linoleum flooring, Compact vinyl flooring, Labor camp flooring, Porta cabin flooring, Rubber flooring, PVC parquet flooring, Contract flooring, Domestic flooring, Laminated flooring, Office flooring, Coin type rubber floor, Stud type vinyl floor,  Supermarket flooring, Carpet flooring, PVC Skirting, Cove, Cape, Resilient flooring, Raised access flooring, Waterproofing vinyl flooring, Anti slip flooring, Coin type vinyl flooring, Stud type vinyl flooring, Outdoor sports flooring, Indoor sports flooring, Sports flooring companies in dubai, Homogeneous flooring, Heterogeneous flooring in dubai, Conductive flooring in dubai, Antistatic flooring in dubai, Hospital flooring in dubai, Sports flooring in dubai, Safety flooring in dubai, Safety flooring dubai, School flooring in dubai, University flooring in dubai, Acoustic flooring in dubai, PVC Linoleum flooring in dubai, Compact vinyl flooring in dubai, Labour camp flooring in dubai, Porta cabin flooring dubai, Rubber flooring in dubai, PVC Parquet flooring in dubai, Contract flooring in dubai, Domestic flooring in dubai, Laminated flooring in dubai, Office flooring in dubai, Supermarket flooring in dubai, Carpet flooring in dubai, Resilient flooring in dubai, Raised access flooring in dubai, water prrofing vinyl in dubai,  keywords: epoxy flooring dubai, epoxy flooring uae, epoxy coating specialist, specialist epoxy contractor, epoxy professionals in dubai, epoxy flooring dubai, epoxy flooring sharjah, epoxy concrete paint, epoxy contractors, floor coating, floor coatings, floor coating contractors, floor coating contractors in dubai, floor coating contractors in sharjah, metal roof coating contractors, metal roof coating contractor in sharjah, roofing contractors, roofing coating, roof coatings, roof epoxy applicator, metal roofing applicator, decorative chip epoxy floor coating, concrete floor epoxy, maydos epoxy base floor, maydos epoxy contractor, maydos epoxy applicator, maydos epoxy contractor, carpark epoxy contractor, carpark epoxy applicator, esd floor paint, esd floor coat, esd floor coatings, esd coating dubai, esd coatings in dubai, wood epoxy, wood epoxy in dubai, wood epoxy applicator, epoxy basement floor, epoxy basement floors, titanium and gunmetal metallic epoxy, titanium epoxy flooring, gunmetal metallic epoxy floor, polyaspartic top coat, polished concrete floor, polished epoxy, polished epoxy concrete, metallic epoxy, metallic epoxy in dubai, metallic epoxy in sharjah, polymer epoxy flooring brisbane, metal roof coating, epoxy flooring company in dubai, epoxy floor companies in dubai, industrial epoxy flooring companies in dubai, industrial epoxy flooring company in dubai, epoxy applicator in dubai, epoxy floor applicators in dubai, industrial epoxy floor applicators in dubai, epoxy flooring company in sharjah, epoxy floor companies in sharjah, industrial epoxy flooring companies in sharjah, industrial epoxy flooring company in sharjah, epoxy applicator in sharjah, epoxy floor applicators in sharjah, industrial epoxy floor applicators in sharjah, self leveling companies in dubai, self leveling company in dubai, self leveling applicator in dubai, self leveling applicators in dubai, self leveling companies in sharjah, self leveling company in sharjah, self leveling applicator in sharjah, self leveling applicators in sharjah, screed company in dubai, floor screed company in dubai, screed companies in dubai, floor screed companies in dubai, screed company in sharjah, floor screed company in sharjah, screed companies in sharjah, floor screed companies in sharjah, Vinyl flooring in dubai, Vinyl flooring Uae, Grabo brand European quality Rubber flooring, Tuff brand Vinyl flooring, Talita brand vinyl flooring, Homogenious vinyl flooring in dubai UAE, LVT Vinyl flooring in dubai, Fineel rubber flooring in dubai, Sports flooring in Uae, Luxury vinyl flooring, AMTICO SPACIA UK Brand flooring, CAROLINA brand flooring, Florida UK brand Flooring, TARKETT sports flooring, Kids school specialist flooring, Badminton Flooring, Out door flooring, Internal flooring, epoxy flooring dubai, epoxy flooring uae, epoxy coating specialist, specialist epoxy contractor, epoxy professionals in dubai, epoxy flooring dubai, epoxy flooring sharjah, epoxy concrete paint, epoxy contractors, floor coating, floor coatings, floor coating contractors, floor coating contractors in dubai, floor coating contractors in sharjah, metal roof coating contractors, metal roof coating contractor in sharjah, roofing contractors, roofing coating, roof coatings, roof epoxy applicator, metal roofing applicator, decorative chip epoxy floor coating, concrete floor epoxy, maydos epoxy base floor, maydos epoxy contractor, maydos epoxy applicator, maydos epoxy contractor, carpark epoxy contractor, carpark epoxy applicator, esd floor paint, esd floor coat, esd floor coatings, esd coating dubai, esd coatings in dubai, wood epoxy, wood epoxy in dubai, wood epoxy applicator, epoxy basement floor, epoxy basement floors, titanium and gunmetal metallic epoxy, 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sharjah, self leveling applicator in sharjah, self leveling applicators in sharjah, screed company in dubai, floor screed company in dubai, screed companies in dubai, floor screed companies in dubai, screed company in sharjah, floor screed company in sharjah, screed companies in sharjah, floor screed companies in sharjah.
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Mirror Acrylic Sheets supplier in Dubai

For More details contact[email]Krunal Patel +971509222146
Supplier : Sabin Plastic Industries LLC SHARJAH
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Event Management in UAE

Supplier : Eco Sense General Contracting DUBAI
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Supplier : Creative Land Equipment Rental LLC DUBAI
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We do all type of pvc doors for kiosks,plz call 00971-55-5680048
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traffolyte labels dubai

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All Types Of Electrical & Safety Engraving ( ALUMINIUM & PVC) In Uae

All Types Of  Electrical & Safety  Engraving  ( ALUMINIUM & PVC)All Types Of  Electrical & Safety  Engraving  ( ALUMINIUM & PVC) In Abu Dhabi All Types Of  Electrical & Safety  Engraving  ( ALUMINIUM & PVC) In Sharjah All Types Of  Electrical & Safety  Engraving  ( ALUMINIUM & PVC) In Mussafah All Types Of  Electrical & Safety  Engraving  ( ALUMINIUM & PVC) In fujairah  
Supplier : Building Materials Trading ABU DHABI
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Parking Shades Suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Alain, UAE, AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES +971522124675 All types of Tensile Membranes /Fabric Shade Structures Suppliers / Contractors / Manufacturers in UAE -dubai / Abu Dhabi/ Sharjah / Al Ain / RAK/ Ajman etc., Cantilever Type, DomeType, Truss Type, Umbrella, Column Supported, details as per approved drwgs. Alltypes of Shade Structures: Parking Shades, Shade Sails, Tents, Canopies,Awnings, Umbrellas, Hoods, Walkways, Shelters, Bus Stops, Taxi, Entrances,Lounges, Terrance, Hotels, Parks, Schools, Grounds, Pools, Beaches, Roof Tops,Water Parks, etc. Alldifferent fabrics available from USA, Australia, Italy, UK, Germany, Franceetc. UVProtected fabrics, PVC Coated, Glass Coated, Silicone Coated, Polyester etc.heavy duty with warranty SUPPLY,FABRICATION, ERECTION / INSTALLATION, all across UAE ( Dubai, Sharjah, AbuDhabi, RAK, UAQ, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ruwais, Sila, Tawila, Habshan,Palace, Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Ministries, Parks, Hotels, Parkings,Projects, etc.)
Supplier : Bait Al Malaki Tents and Shades FUJAIRAH
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We provide 3D Design concepts & animation presentation on design kiosk, shops, landscaping, mosque, wedding stage, events, exhibition, television sets, staging, concert, shopping mall, building, villa, swimming pool, gasoline station, commercial, clinic, office building, palace, resort, villa, warehouse, penthouse, kids play, theme park, airport, restaurant and more.   We could give you a very professional & unique concept on 3D with different views. The concept & design will be done by a professional, registered & licensed Architect.   Call us for any 3D Design & presentation requirements such as:   WEDDING STAGE TV SHOWS CONCERT COMPANY EVENTS BIRTHDAYSPECIAL EVENTS COMPANY PORTFOLIO ON 3D THEMED EVENTS ANY OTHER EVENTS    Call 0559102570 for any inquiries.
Supplier : Creative Charm Landscaping & Pools DUBAI
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When it comes to GWPs, private label programs, and promotional campaigns, finding a qualified, reliable, and passionate team to execute large scale programs can be a challenge. We deliver not only products that arrive on time, but we also pride ourselves on being the experts who can guide clients from an original concept idea, all the way to a completed program or product. Since 1999, we have been delivering projects with a 99% on-time delivery. Our selection of stock items is off-the-shelf products which can be found on our online store. These products feature a wide variety of imprinting options, such as laser engraving, debossing, silk screening, embroidery and more. Hundreds of items can be rushed for fast turnaround, sometimes in as little as 48 hours. For our signature custom merchandise program, we utilize both our overseas manufacturing capabilities as well as our domestic Made in UAE factory to produce made-to-order products from scratch. We start with an idea or concept, provide mock-up's, samples, a variety of textiles and material options, until a final design is approved for full production. Our custom orders range from as low as 50 pieces to as high as over 30,000 pieces. At the core of what we do lies our personal business ethics: to be honest, to be accountable, to deliver on time and every time. "Over deliver and under promise" are just some of the staple beliefs that we operate on daily. Each employee of the company is trained with these core values and we constantly go the extra mile to ensure fast, friendly service, and on-time delivery.                 If you are a corporation or government agency seeking a capable vendor with a strong, proven record, to fulfill your supplier diversity initiatives, look no further. Thanks for visiting our site and to all of you, from all of us - Thank you and Happy Shopping! :)
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Aura Slimming Centre Sharjah

For the best Aura Slimming service in Sharjah,trust only Val'O8. Contact us today!
Supplier : Valo8 Wellness Living Slimming & Skin Care SHARJAH
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corner edging

Supplier : Idea Star Packing Materials Trading LLC. DUBAI
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Playground Equipments in UAE

We are the suppliers of Playground Equipments in UAE
Supplier : Spark Technical Supplies FZE SHARJAH
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Supplier : Doors & Shade Systems AJMAN
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TT table suppliers in UAE

Supplier : Sports Gallery DUBAI
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AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES +971522124676Canopies and Shades Manufacturer is one of the Emirates nation’s largest readymade and customized PVC TENTS/CANOPIES, ARABIC TENTS/CANOPIES, CAR PARKINGS AND SUN SHADES manufacturer, We are proud to be the ONLY SMART SHADE MANUFACTURER AND PROVIDER IN EMIRATES REGION. use a wide range of fabric and materials such as PVC, KNITTED SHADE CLOTH (HDPE) COTTON CANVAS, BAIT SHA’AR (GOAT HAIR), WOOD, FIBER GLASS AND ALUMINUM. Furthermore we are specialized in making ARABIC TRADITIONAL TENTS FROM GOAT HAIR WOOLEN FABRIC with interior designing supporting.School play area shade, nursery sun shade, pergola shades,Car parking shade, car park sades, uae car park shade, tents, Dubai car park shadesignCar park shade, canopies shades, tents, awnings,AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES.  established since 2004 as a market leader in the Shrajah-UAE for the manufacturer and supplier of Car Parking Shades and we are proud of our excellent reputation for good quality Services.Car ParkingsSwimming Pool ShadesSchool play area shadeOther customized stainless steel & other metal structures etc.If you need further details or any information feel free to call us any time direct mobile. +971522124676AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES  +971522124676   is the top of the Leading Services Provider Company in the Emirates with over + 8 years of experience. Since 2004 the company has been dedicated to provide rental services in various Corporate and Personal Society in Sharjah-United Arab Emirates. Our commitment, efficiency and determination to serve our clients with utmost loyalty and this is what distinguishes AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES  as one of the most reliable tensile membrane structures manufacturing company in the U.A.E.
Supplier : Umair Tents & Shades 00971557781265 SHARJAH
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Kiosk design UAE

Colours Aluminium & Glass is one of the premier solution providers in UAE. Kiosk is one of the services we provide.We design, manufacture and supply kiosks that will perfectly fit the size of your location. We offer standard kiosks which has the latest styling with practical features. Our efficient design makes the kiosk a definite crowd puller among the other.Application: Jewelry Kiosk, Food Kiosk, Candy Kiosk, Exhibition Kiosk, Display Stands Mall Kiosk, Mobile Kiosk, Clean and Modern Kiosk, Interactive Kiosk, Digital Information Kiosk, iPad Kiosk, Kiosk Design UAE, Abu DhabiKiosk Fabricators, Kiosk Suppliers, Kiosk Designers, Kiosk
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sports stadium branding event banners

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Aluminium suitcase includes 5 indispensable stainless steel BBQtools. Plate for logo imprint(+971) 4 3211909[email]
Supplier : ZAA Promotion Gifts Trading LLC DUBAI
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cricket bat

Supplier : Fineco general trading LLC UAE DUBAI
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Green Hill Elliptical Trainer With Seat Gst-380-e

SHARE WITH FRIENDS     NEW!Green Hill Elliptical Trainer With Seat Gst-380-egreen hill Gst-380-eAED 880.0010 units in stock.Sold by Haidar FayezOVERVIEW GST-380E Magnetic Elliptical TrainerUse: RegularFlywheel: 4kgBroke: MagneticMonitor: Time,Speed,Dist,Cal,Odo,PulseScanOther: Tension controller: 8 level Handgrip pulse Large non-skid pedals Wheels for easy tronsportationSaddle- vertical & horizontalG.W. /N.W.: 37.8/34.3 kgsPacking: 1 035X285X585rnmLoading QTv: 20’/40’/40’HQ: 175/360/400pcs
Supplier : Future Stall General Trading LLC AJMAN
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dance dubai

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Steel Fabrication and Erection

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Event Management Company in Dubai

We meticulously plan your event bringing all event components fitting together in perfect harmony. We plan your pre- event, event and post event phases to make an unforgettable impression. Our in house services and excellent relationships with external suppliers, gives our clients quality assurance in conferences, award ceremonies, seminars road shows, stage design & assembly, concerts, product launches, cultural events, branding, corporate events etc.We provide sound and light, stage and decor, Photography and Videography, event permissions and government approvals etc.Quick Call : +971 55 9102123Email : [email] Event Management Company in Dubai.
Supplier : Jazz Media Service LLC DUBAI
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A safety whistle is a compact and audible device designed to produce a high-pitched sound that can be heard over long distances. It is commonly used in various situations and environments to attract attention, signal for help, or alert others to potential dangers or emergencies.Safety whistles are typically made of durable materials such as plastic or metal, ensuring their reliability and longevity. They are lightweight, portable, and often come with a lanyard or attachment for easy carrying and accessibility.These whistles are widely used in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, boating, and sports to communicate distress signals or call for assistance in case of accidents or emergencies. They are also utilized by lifeguards, security personnel, and law enforcement officers as an effective means of gaining attention and issuing commands in crowded or noisy environments.The piercing sound produced by a safety whistle can cut through ambient noise, making it an ideal tool for communication when other forms may be ineffective or unavailable. Its distinct sound can travel far distances, making it valuable in situations where visual cues may be limited. The use of safety whistles promotes personal safety, as they provide individuals with a reliable means of alerting others to their presence or summoning help in critical situations.
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Exhibition Stands Dubai ,Exhibition racks

Display and Rack Online Store, Display and Rack for shelving, storage, racking, pallet racking, warehouse shelving systems, display units, shop fittings, ...
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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition tents Widely used for: Outdoor exhibition, certificating office, VIP lounges, reception center, news centers, catering area, security inspection area, series of exhibition venues, new products show, party, ceremonial celebrations, sport events, etc.Features:1) High strength Aluminum alloy frames which are good quality and never rusty2) Double layer synthetic fiber cloth is high strength, waterproof, fire resistant (fire resistant grade: B1), windproof, and long service life.3) Unitized structure can be built up by increasing and reducing the size of site according to your needs.4) No bearing column in the structure, you can use the space fully.5) No special requirements for sites, which can be constructed on grassland, asphalt, cement ground and so on.
Supplier : Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shade LLC ABU DHABI
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Exhibitions Stand Builders

When you have a presence at an event or an exhibition, you need the right stage to underline your presence. The interest generated in your stall will depend a lot on how your stage looks like. Nova believes that setting up a stage is an art and business, that is why we take care about every single detail during the designing process.
Supplier : Nova Decor DUBAI
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Steel Crowd Barricades

MANUFACTURERS, FABRICATORS, CONTRACTORS, ENGINEERS, SUPPLIERS of All type of Standard and custom made BARRIERS, BARRICADES, ANTI CLIMB, PICKETS, MESH, BOUNDARY, TEMPORARY/RESTRICTED ACCESS, MASS/ GROUP/ PUBLIC/ CROWD CONTROL SAFETY FENCES, QUEUING/ PASSAGE, BARRICADE RENTAL, BARRICADE HIRE SERVICES / SUPPLIERS IN UAE, SECURITY BARRICADES / BARRIERS FOR CROWD MANAGEMENT, PARKINGS, HOTELS, POOLS, SCHOOLS, BEACH, TRAFFIC CONTROL BARRIERS, DIVIDERS, BARRICADES IN UAE, DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, AL AIN, RAK etc. Available for: EVENTS, SHOWS, STADIUMS, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, HOTELS, GROUNDS, PARKS, LAWNS, BEACHES, PARTIES, CLUBS, EXHIBITIONS, CONFERENCE ETC. ALSO STAGES, TRUSSES, DECKS, HESCO, Hesco, Bird / Pigeon Spikes, Bird Wire ETC. GABIONS / GABION MATTRESS, BOX, WELD MESH, Supply & Erection, Material Handling Roller Conveyors, Airport Cargo / Material Handling / Cargo Management / Forwarding Conveyors Systems / Equipments Suppliers / Fabricators / Manufacturers suitable for Airport, Screening, Customs, Ports, Cargo Trolleys, Cargo Belts, Packer-Forwarders, Material Transport / Transfer / Shifting / Movement Roller Conveyors, Cargo Bins, Skips, Airport Cargo Handling Equipment Fabricators / Manufacturers / Contractors / Suppliers / Company for Ground Support Equipments, Trailers, Luggage Carriers, Canopies, Chutes, Ducts, Ground Handling Solutions, Baggage / Cargo / Luggage Carts, Trolleys, Bins, Container Dolly, Belt Loaders, Aircraft Passenger Stairs etc. in UAE / GCC / AFRICA / EXPORTERS   GALVANIZED, PAINTED, POWDER COATED, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUMALL TYPES OF FENCING SYSTEMSNORMANDY BARRIERSMOJO BARRIERS Supply, Installation/ Erection all across UAE - DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, RAK, UAQ, FUJAIRAH, AL AIN, PALACE, RUWAIS, SILA, TAWILA, HABSHAN, SCHOOLS, MALLS, PARKS, HOTELS, PROJECTS. etc.Fire Escape ChuteEmergency Evacuation ChuteSafety Exit ChuteALSO GABIONS, HESCO BARRIERS, Defense Barriers Bastions Wall, FENCE PANELS, Bird Pigeon Control Wire Spikes Barriers ISO 9001:2008 certified
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Entertainment and Social Programs

One of the most important aspects of international delegations is Entertainment and Social Programs during or post show. Being in this city for several years, were at all times sure of the entertainment options that the foreigners will take pleasure in and those which can fit your marketing budgets. From DTCM authorization to entertainer arrangement to managing their travel and accommodation, Premier Events can do it all.
Supplier : Premier Events DUBAI
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water bottle hunter thermos, insulated water bottl

CONTACT : +971554451015 OR Email - [email]/[email]water bottle 1 liter, hunter water bottle 1 liter, HU-2 hunter water bottle thermas, hunter h2 water cooler widely used in desert,camps, and construction areas,water bottle available in various capacity 500ml to 2 liter capacity, hunter water cooler 1 liter is widely use in every where
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Panchakarma in Dubai

Ayurheritage clinic place a strong emphasis on therapeutic and preventative measures as well as different approaches to cleansing and rejuvenation. It recommends panchakarma treatment for the removal of bodily toxins in order to attain this balanced state of body, mind, and consciousness. As a component of preventive healthcare, panchakarma is accessible to all.It will cleanse the body, mind, and soul, increase metabolism, purify the internal organs, lose extra fat, and reduce stress. It is an effective measure to maintain physical and mental well-being and energy in both sick and healthy individuals.If you are interested in taking panchakarma treatments, reach out to Ayurheritage at +971 50 910 0715, the finest Ayurvedic hospital in Dubai.
Supplier : Ayurheritage Clinic DUBAI
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Supplier : Eternity Lifestyle Coaching DUBAI
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Fabulous Events in Dubai Tavish Events

Tavish Events is a well-known event management company that has organized some of the most Fabulous Events in Dubai, UAE. From corporate events to weddings, birthdays, and private parties, Tavish Events has expertise in planning events of all sizes and types. Tavish Events understands that every event is unique and requires a personalized touch. For more details, visit or phone (+971) 52 425 9582.
Supplier : Tavish Events DUBAI
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Treat Yourself At The Barking Lot: Dubai's most fun and full service doggy haven Daycare Hotel Grooming Cattery www.thebarkinglot.aeTreat Yourself at Dubai’s most fun and full service doggy haven
Supplier : The Barking Lot DUBAI
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Sandhi Ayurvedha Massage Center Dubai

Sandhi Ayurveda Massage Center, Karama Dubai. Sandhi Ayurveda Massage Center stands for professional massage, marma treatment services in your journey towards maximum immunity, optimum health and happiness.We offer traditional Indian system of massage therapy and traditional Indian oil Marma and Kalari oil massage and Kizhi (Herbal Hot Pack).Sandhi Ayurveda Massage Center is the sister concern of Kunnathu Valappil Sree Lakshmi Sankara Vaidyasramam, located at Thrissur- Kerala- India. Kunnathu Valappil Sree Lakshmi Sankara Vaidyasramam is one of the leading Ayurveda Asramam provides Traditional Ayurveda Home Stay Treatment at Vaidyashramam by professional experts.
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Tents and Marquees for Events and Exhibitions in Gulf - Middle East - Africa

Al-Fares International Tents is the leading manufacturer and supplier of event marquees and tents all across UAE, Gulf, Middle East, and Africa. We provide our tents/marquees and shades structures for different occasions like wedding, trade expo, corporate events, branding events, event, and exhibitions.  Exhibition Tents Rental Dubai   Tent Rental Dubai   Tent Manufacturer Dubai   Tent Supplier Dubai   Tent Rental Company Dubai   Event Tent Rental Dubai   Wedding Tent Rental Dubai   Outdoor Tent Rental Sharjah   Warehouse Tent Rental Abu-Dhabi   Tents and Marquees Supplier   Tents Manufacturers UAE
Supplier : Al Fares International Tents SHARJAH
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Easel Stand / Artist Drawing Stand For Sale in Dubai - UAE

Wooden Easel Stand :Wooden Easel Stands / Artist Drawing Stand Available Easel Stand / Artist Drawing Stand For Sale in Dubai - UAE
Supplier : Azira International DUBAI
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romantic sunset cruise,sightseeing cruise, adventure sailing

Super Yacht is a well established and dynamic Yacht Charter Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, commited to add on to service, value and professionalism to the leisure marine industry in the UAE offering Luxury, Comfort, High performance and Adventure. Our skilled and highly passionate team will be pleased to welcome you on board, committed to create a safe, friendly, hospitable and positive atmosphere. Our luxurious yachts integrate the latest safety and navigation equipment according to the UAE Coast Guard requirements. a day out with family and friends, a romantic sunset cruise, adventure sailing, sightseeing cruise, celebrating a special day or organizing a corporate event, we will be happy to welcome you onboard for an exciting and memorable experience.
Supplier : Super Yacht Dubai ABU DHABI
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Supplier : Base Plate Interior DUBAI
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We are a Toy Library based in Tecom.
Supplier : Toyzania DUBAI
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We are one of UAE’s Authorized Bosch Distributor of Audio Visual, Security Solutions and Conference Equipment with offices in the other parts of the Middle East.We distribute:Bosch CCTV and Surveillance SystemBosch Intrusion Alarm SystemBosch Conference SystemBosch Public Address and Voice AlarmBosch Fire Alarm SystemAccess ControlAudio Visual EquipmentWe have also other part of the company providing Rental Equipment for Conferences, Meetings and Events.We are offering:Bosch Conference and Meeting EquipmentInterpretation SystemAudio VisualStaging and LightingVoting and Audience ResponseEvent ManagementFOR OTHER INQUIRIES, PLEASE CALL +971 4 3979026OR VISIT FOR OTHER SERVICES.
Supplier : Aviss LLC DUBAI
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Event Fence Rental Barrier supplier

Event Fence  Event Barrier event barricade supplier UAE Crowd Barricade Supplier UAE Crowd Barrier UAE Crowd Barrier SupplierSteel barriers - Galvanised/ Non Galvanised- Brand new- availability 24/7- quick service - 30 years old supplierHuge discounts for new customersPlease call - 056 150 7757 or email- [email], 
Supplier : Mr Barrier DUBAI
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Dubai Hospitality Services 24/7

its prestigious client’s services hospitality Events , wedding, catering outsourcing , functions ,parties & private function, recreational services , sales & promotion services , Technicalservices , Building cleaning services , Building maintenance's services, housekeeping services,utility service (Electrician, Plumbers, Masons, Carpenters, Painters, Drivers...), Pantry Service,Guest House Management.... services since its inception in 2010. We provide services in hotels,apartments, malls, supermarket, buildings, towers, offices, restaurants, clubs, events (f & bparty) and outdoor-indoor Etc...We have extremely loyal and skilled work force which has gone through rigorous training anddevelopment programmers. Our management performs regular spot checks on our servicesteams to ensure high standards and qualities are met. The company operates from a centraloffice based in Dubai-UAE.We are happy to provide clientWe do services to your company as followsIf you need contract terms for payment and quotation please don't hesitate For more inquiries and information kindly contact us:Contact us Tel : +971-527949940 Mob : +971-562743411 Fax : +971-4-2699457, Email: [email][email] Web:    
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Designing & Constructing
Supplier : Real Time DUBAI
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Supplier : LEID Technical Works LLC DUBAI
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Supplier : Divine Design Cafe ABU DHABI
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We plan themed birthdays with 10s of themes to chose of from invitation cards to thank you gifts.
Supplier : Final Touch Advertising & Events MANAMA
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Artificial Grass for Football grounds

Supply and installation of artificial grass for football ground
Supplier : Bin Tamman Modern Enterprises DUBAI
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Mall Promotion Kiosk

3m X 3m Kiosk
Supplier : Asiatic Expo Media Fz LLC DUBAI
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Our core areas of expertise include: * Product and Press Launches * Award Ceremonies * Media Moments * Gala Dinners * Road shows * Leadership Meetings * Supplier and Sales Conferences * Corporate Days * Celebrity, speaker and artist sourcing & management * Site Management (incl. venue services) * Production Management * Tour & Hospitality Management We know you only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression so we make it happen, on time, every time. Simply put, we have the best award winning event team in the region.
Supplier : Beauty Sky Interior Design DUBAI
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Bigdot is specialized in designing and building custom-made exhibition stands. We operate based on a customer-driver approach . From a belief that a great design starts with a great brief, we work closely with our clients to help them envision the type of stand that would appeal to their target audience and ensure optimum exposure in the exhibition. We strive to offer an enhanced service, by creating stands that revolve around an extensive marketing campaign, with total project management services, including branding consultation. Our mission is to turn your participation in any event into a memorable experience, for you and your clients.
Supplier : Bigdot (a member of Index Holding) DUBAI
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Event Management Service

Our services include: * Event conceptualization * Design and imaging * Stage set up and fabrication * Event branding * Production coordination and implementation * Audio / visuals and lighting Interpretation of the imagination is our commitment. As your professional event production specialist we are here to assist you in implementing your requirements. Equipped with the experience, production technology, know-how, proficiency, and creativity we have the full capability to turn your dreams into reality. So whatever you require, be it an awards ceremony, corporate function, product launch, international game shows, weddings, fashion shows, entertainment acts or anything for that matter, we will produce your event efficiently and cost-effectively to perfection.
Supplier : Art Heir Events and Exhibitions DUBAI
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R.E.D is a full service International Exhibition Management & Production house based in Dubai offering complete exhibition and event solutions to our partners & clients, right from concept and idea creation through product & technical execution support, management and results analysis. R.E.D. represents high quality products for exhibitions, shopfitting and events within the GCC region. We bring these products into the markets and offer advise and services to our clients in close cooperation with the manufacturer of each product. Formed under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Manuela Hofmann, a pioneer with over two decades of international experience in the Exhibition & Events industry, R.E.D stands out as a professional, creative, affordable and customer friendly Exhibition Management company equipped with one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry. Backed by a 24 hour technical support, R.E.D takes prides in the highest standard of service, attention to details and the sincerity of its dedicated staff. With German management and an international team of professionals from all facets of the exhibition and event industries, R.E.D is a refreshing, vibrant company that continually creates unique, exclusive projects leaving clients with a lasting impression.It is this experience combined with tremendous passion for what we do, that has formed the foundation of the companys excellent reputation. R.E.D. is a member of the German-Emirati Chamber of Industrie and Commerce and therefore affiliated with a highly recognized trade connection of the two countries. At R.E.D. we also believe that we can make a difference in protecting our precious environment! All products which are represented by R.E.D. are reusable for many times. That means using less raw material and producing less waste!
Supplier : R.E.D. International Exhibition Management DUBAI
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Exhibition Stands and Fittings

When your company makes the decision to invest in an exhibition, whether trade or consumer, particularly when it is alongside your competition, it is important to stand out from the crowed. We can make valuable contribution to help you gain that extra advantage over your competitors. We appreciate the short times during Exhibition shows and are always on hand to satisfy the last minute request. We have years of experience in working with clients in many different markets, interpreting their needs in a creative and innovative way ensuring that the impression they create, provides maximum sales opportunities. Whether our client requires a modular system or a free build customized stand we have everything in-house to construct, install, furnish and finish the project on time. Any design can rapidly be translated into reality in terms of the fabrication in the well-stocked and equipped workshop. Specially trained fitting teams install the products at site. If your budget does not extend to an award-wining stand, talk to us, on how best you can become visible against your competition in a very crowded exhibition hall. Something invested into an eye-catching display will bring the market place direct to you and away form your competitors.
Supplier : Continental Carpentry & Decoration Est. DUBAI
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Event Management

Our events team handles all your requirements from conceptualization to execution, leaving you free to focus completely on achieving your objectives
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Events Management

Al-Baddad International is a leader in the field of mobile halls, warehouse structures, and pre-fabricated buildings. The company supported tier one events and projects in the Middle East and North Africa and succeeded to build the world largest hall back in 1997 at carpets Festival (Wahat Al Sajad) in Dubai and the event was recorded in Guinness Book and till day the hall is still the biggest worldwide and it is being used for many purposes. Below is a selected number of some other projects in which the company participated in providing halls and pre-fabricated buildings: Palm Jumeirah 2004 till 2005 Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee - 2007 Al-Ain Airshow - 2007 National Day Celebrations - Yemen 2000 till 2005 International Medical Fair 2001-2005 Municipal Elections - Dammam 2005 Abha Festivals KSA 2002-2005 Presidential Celebrations Sudan 2004 Iraqi Elections 2004 Jebel Ali Products Fair 2004 Ajman Book Fair 2010 Army project Afghanistan 2004 Opening of American University Of Sharjah 2004 Damascus International Fair 2003 VodaPhone Opening Bahrain 2001 Bahrain Summer Festival 2001 African Unity Ceremony Libya 1999 Yacht Fair Dubai 1996 The Book Exhibition Abu Dhabi Emirates Boat Show 2006 till 2009 Pearl Qatar, Placido Domingo Concert 2010 Tribeca Film Festival (founded by Robert De Niro) - 2009
Supplier : Al Baddad International SHARJAH
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